First perf of SKE48 new single “Sanseii Kawaii”!

16 Nov

Sanseii Kawaii, as previously reported, is SKE48’s final single of the year which reflects the group’s usual bright and cheerful style. (I have a feeling it is released for the group’s possible appearance in Kohaku this year. ) The song includes a portion where the audience is invited to shout along to the lyrics, something like HKT48’s “Melon Juice”.

The callouts don’t make sense because of the random English words but i imagine fans would still find it enjoyable.

Check out the performance before it’s removed!

By the way, anyone think Rena gained alot of weight? She used to be so thin but nowadays her cheeks are filled out and basically she looks cuter. Jurina used to be plumper 2 yrs ago but she’s slimmed down quite abit.


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