Performances from Music Station Special

5 Dec

This episode is worth a mention since it celebrates the 55th anniversary of TV Asahi and therefore the presence of superstars like Lady Gaga, AKB48, Arashi, KAT-TUN etc. Below are the videos and highlights!

AKB48 – Flying Get/Suzukake Nanchara/Koisuru Fortune Cookie
The girls talk about their latest single “Suzukake Nanchara”, which has the longest title amongst all the songs in AKB48 history, and Kojima Haruna is challenged to spell out the entire title. Unfortunately, Kojiharu could only remember half of it, resulting in laughter from the rest. Watch out for the female MC’s impeccable introduction of their single though…i’m amazed she was able to remain so calm!

Arashi – Song Medley
In a bid to challenge Lady Gaga’s fashion style, Arashi showed up in their infamous see-through costumes which they donned for their debut in 1999. The guys then performed their debut single “A.RA.SHI”, telling themselves along the way that it wasn’t embarrassing at all. We then see a flashback of their 98 performances in Music Station over the past 14 years, followed by a medley of the guys’ drama theme songs and new album titles. In the end, it pretty much seemed like a mini Arashi concert. Can’t help but feel envy for the audience there!

Lady Gaga – Applause

KAT-TUN – Real Face / 楔-kusabi
There’s a big hole left in the group after a consecutive loss of 2 members, but at least their debut song “Real Face” still sounds decent with the remaining 4. Performance wise, the stage looks quite lonely now, but i can see that KAT-TUN is trying to make the stage interesting for fans. As for their new song “楔-kusabi”, i really have nothing much to say…just another forgettable KAT-TUN song?






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