Matsui Jurina talks about being center for Janken single “Suzukake Nanchara”

16 Dec

How is the pressure compared to previously?

It’s the first time being a center by myself, so definitely there’s pressure. But when we get to sing on tv and when i think of fans praising the song, i’m really happy. It’s like i’m being saved by the song.

“Suzukake Nanchara” is a song that was made specially for you?!
It’s a song made for us, especially for the fresh members.  I don’t think it’s a song tailored specially for me. Fans thought that cool dance numbers like “UZA” would be released, but in a good way, we have exceeded their expectations.

Talk about your solo part for the song
It’s weird. I seldom sing solo even in SKE, so i’m quite nervous and not used to it.

The regular senbatsu members are not in this single’s lineup, so do you feel the burden?
There are alot of members in this lineup for the first time. When we were shooting for the MV, i thought everyone would be nervous, so i kept the tension up and cracked alot of lame jokes.

So you were a leader aside from being the center?
Yes. There were alot of members unsure about things, so i thought them based on experience.

What kind of advice did you receive from your seniors?
I told Takamina-san that i was very nervous before our first live performance, but she said, “That’s rare…but you just have to be yourself as usual.” I calmed down after that.

This is a chance for you to raise your fame, but is it also a chance for you to show your skills?
Alot of fans apologised for not being able make me center through voting. I was like “”, but it’s true that i’d be happier if i’m called the next center, or the center who got no.1 in General Elections.

Will you be aiming for this chance next?
If even 1 more person thinks i’m suitable to be the next center of AKB, i’d be happy. There hasn’t been anyone who’s gotten No.1 in Jankan tournament nor General Elections, so i want to be the first!


“I want to act as a student in dramas,” says Matsui Jurina

“The song this time is a cute one, so i just need to show my real self. But before this, i had to show my mature side in “Heart Eleki”, or my cool side in “UZA”. I want to be able to bring out the colors of different song genres. Even if a different genre was given to me this time, i want to make everyone think that this song is made for me.”

On the topic of acting, Jurina confessed to not having any interest initially, but through various opportunities her interest has been sparked. “I’ve been given chances to act recently and i think it’s really fun. Since i’m a high schooler, i want to act as a student in school dramas,” she said.



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