[Admin] Happy New Year!AllThingsJpop is back!

9 Jan


Apologies to those of you who have been hungry for updates on AKB48 or simply jpop in general. I was away for the year-end holidays(as you may have guessed) so AllThingsJpop is way behind on the latest news. Nevertheless, traffic to this site has been booming due to Oshima Yuko’s graduation announcement so i feel i at least come out to update everyone first.

Honestly, this site was started 1 year ago with the intentions of being an alternative source for jpop news. But i realised that some artistes i cover don’t garner attention at all, so to save the effort I only write about popular artistes or groups. This really limits the content i can put out, so i’ve been thinking about whether there’s any point in continuing this site at all. I would really like your opinion on this…What do you think i can do to improve the site?Coverage on more artistes? Drop me a comment please!

I don’t know if i have any regular readers here, but i really feel grateful when i see constant traffic on days when i’m not posting at all. I’d like to thank “Anonymous” who regularly comments on my AKB-related articles, Kate from UK who shared her love for Golden Bomber with me, and most recently “Love93” for alerting me to Oshima Yuko’s retirement. It is moments like these that make me feel like i didn’t start this site in vain. At least, there are now people who know me and are kind enough to share news with me!

Cheers to everyone in 2014! I really hope I can continue to maintain this site. Lets get to know each other better!

Yuna =)

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