Kojima Haruna talks about her graduation date

Kojima Haruna appeared at an event on 24th December 2013 to promote her first photobook “Kojiharu”. The book also contains interviews, some of which talking about her graduation. She commented “After Acchan graduated, i’ve always thought about my own timing. As i was doing this photobook i thought about giving back to the fans more, so i’ll wait for awhile..”

In addition, first week sales figures for her photobook has just been released on Oricon. Congratulations to Nyan Nyan for ranking No.1!

If you’re interested in Kojima Haruna’s first photobook, you may purchase it below.

Kojima Haruna 1st Photo Book: Kojiharu (Kodansha Mook) (Title subject to change) / Kodansha


3 responses to “Kojima Haruna talks about her graduation date

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  2. Congratulation Kojiharu, I actually thought that her PB was going to sell less than Sashihara. But after reading some bad reviews about Sashihara’s PB it seems no matter her popularity the PB was just bad, in the other hand Kojiharu’s PB has had a really good reviews.

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