Akanishi Jin continues to be a diva despite film flop

11 Jan

Akanishi Jin, who acted in recently released hollywood film 47Ronin, has been relatively busy the past year. Despite his film being touted a flop, he is said to have put in his best effort in promoting for his album.

However, this is Akanishi Jin we’re talking about. “Of cos it is impossible for there to be be no problems,” said a publisher representative.

“As usual, his interviews are a pain. He isn’t into interviews and doesn’t converse enthusiastically. He says he’s bad at interviews so maybe it can’t be helped, but the number of writers who have given up on him are increasing.”

Akanishi Jin’s curt replies are also a problem. “It seems he has landed himself in the bad books of journalists ever since his KAT-TUN days, unknowingly creating enemies.”

However, refusing to butter up to the journalists seems to be his style.

“Even though he had his ups and downs, things have smoothened out and maybe he is just returning to his old self from the days when his popularity was at its highest. Whether this is a good or not is another matter.”



2 Responses to “Akanishi Jin continues to be a diva despite film flop”

  1. #JUSTERUSA (@midoeru) February 3, 2014 at 2:06 pm #

    diva? lol i dont think so..but he is bad in the interviews..ok is jin haha well i like his movie in argentina was number 2 and singapure was number one..i am happy for him 😀 i hope he left johnnys soon 😉

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