Akanishi Jin may also be moonlighting?!

16 Jan

Akanishi Jin, who writes lyrics for his own songs, may also be writing the lyrics for other artistes as his part-time job, an insider from the entertainment circle revealed.

“The salary in return is about 200,000Yen, which is really low but he is doing it thanks to his brother Reio’s connections.”

Akanishi Reio is an actor who belongs to an agency managing talents, models, athletes, actors etc active in Japan and overseas.

Akanishi Jin got the chance to write Japanese lyrics for overseas artistes’ albums/singles through Reio.

“In order to prevent Johnny’s Entertainment from finding out, he is doing it under a pseudonym. There are few who know about it, but he babbles when he’s drunk. When he appeared in “47Ronin” he was like “I’m a Hollywood star!”..bragging to people around him. He’s spilling his own secrets,” said the insider.

KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki was fired from Johnny’s in September last year due to the very same act of moonlighting. However, Akanishi continues to be complacent.

If this side job that he’s doing turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see how his agency deals with him.


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