Akanishi Troop heads to Hawaii for Jin’s Wedding Ceremony

16 Jan


Johnny’s free-spirited guy Akanishi Jin(29) returned to Tokyo with wife Kuroki Meisa and daughter on the 12th Jan, after a trip to Hawaii where they allegedly held their wedding ceremony.

After discovering reporters at the airport, Akanishi signaled to Meisa. He then faced the reporters together with his brother Reio, distancing them from his wife and daughter.

When reporters said “Welcome back!”, Akanishi replied with a “Yes?” after some time. This seemed to be his first trip overeas with Meisa and daughter since getting hitched. Initially, their trip was thought to be just a vacation, but as relatives and friends of Jin and Meisa also went along, fans have started to speculate that it was actually a secret wedding ceremony.

“How was your ceremony in Hawaii?” asked the reporters.

“Huh? What’s that?” Jin could only reply shortly without answering directly.

In Honolulu, it is understood that relatives from both sides gathered, followed by close friends like Yamashita Tomohisa(28) and Nishikido Ryo(29). On Twitter, witness accounts were also reported, some speculating that this is the long-awaited wedding ceremony for the couple, years after their initial announcement which angered Jin’s agency,eventually causing his activities to be temporarily suspended.

“When they first announced their marriage, it was not the atmosphere to hold a ceremony. It was a time when Jin made a restart as a solo artiste. If you consider the timing, Teia(their daughter) is now old enough to take the plane so it’s not odd to hold a ceremony now,” said a related personnel.

Besides the airport sighting, there was also information citing the couple as the hosts of a meal in Honolulu.

A resident in Honolulu said “Yamapi wandered around the bar, drinking with Japanese women he met for the first time. When he saw how lovey dovey Jin and Meisa were getting, he actually shouted “I’ll get married too~!”. Nishikido on the other hand, was hitting on girls.”

Yamapi returned to Tokyo at night, on the same day as Jin and Meisa.

Source: http://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/entame/entertainment/224013/


One Response to “Akanishi Troop heads to Hawaii for Jin’s Wedding Ceremony”

  1. angeline♥ 幻想水滸伝 (@bakangel) July 15, 2014 at 7:38 am #

    And none of KAT-TUN other members are invited?Jin……….what happen to you with the boys?Do you hate them so much?Sigh…I just hope at least you still interact with the members…huhu

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