Who will takeover “Heavy Rotation” center position after Oshima Yuko’s graduation?

5 Feb

Ever since Oshima Yuko announced her graduation in Kouhaku last year, fans are speculating over the member who is most likely to succeed her center position in her representative song “Heavy Rotation”.

A publisher said “On 6th April, the top 100 songs of AKB48 Request Hour will be unveiled in Saitama Super Arena. Heavy Rotation will definitely be amongst the top 3. Fans will definitely be looking out for the member taking over Oshima’s position, as she is effectively Oshima’s ‘heir’. This is an important choice for the management”.

The top contenders are Watanabe Mayu, Shimazaki Haruka and Team 4’s Kojima Mako. Other professionals in the entertainment circle tip Watanabe Mayu as the eventual center, as “even though it’s hard to imagine her being center, she holds the most potential as well as winning the General Elections. Last year, Watanabe Mayu placed 3rd in the General Elections and her disappointment was obvious backstage as she did not talk to anyone at all. Akimoto Yasushi should understand that.”



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