E-girls team up with Samantha Vega in new single “Diamond Only”

10 Feb

E-girls is certainly climbing up the ranks as one of Japan’s representative girl groups as their new single is now the CM song for Samantha Vega‘s “Honey Bunch -Disney New Collection-“.

In their MV, the girls carry a girl’s favorite item – her bag, and set out in search for a place where they can shine.

The song “Diamond Only” will be released on Feb 26. Meanwhile, check out their MV below!

I seldom take notice of E-girls but this tie-up with Samantha Vega really caught my attention. First of all, Samantha Vega only uses fashionable stars to endorse them…like Miranda Kerr. Getting this collaboration deal is a big thing for E-girls certainly….but i also see why they’d be the perfect muses for Samantha Vega, what with their youthful and confident appeal. How i wish i could get my hands on one of these tote-bags!


Purchase their single below:

Diamond Only / E-girls

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    […] succeeded in catching my attention the minute they announced a collaboration with Samantha Vega. I don’t own a Samantha Vega to be honest, but i’ve been wanting one for some time […]

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