Sakurai Sho’s dipping popularity in Arashi

12 Feb

Amongst the 5 members in Japan’s top idol group Arashi, Ohno Satoshi is said to be the most popular. After starring in “Kaibutsu Kun”, he stood out from the rest of his members and captured the attention of children and adults.

However, in a recent survey, change was spotted amongst the fans of Sakurai Sho. “In the past, the member with second highest popularity was always Sho. However, comments like “Sho is great!” is getting fewer. In fact, he may be the member with the least popularity now.” said a publication rep.

As a newscaster for News Zero and special caster for Nihon TV’s Olympic coverage, Sakurai Sho has the widest media exposure amongst the Arashi members.

What could be the reason for his decreasing popularity? An entertainment pro analyzes.

“The fact that he’s a caster may very well be the same reason for his dipping popularity. During concerts, he is in charge of making his members do silly things. Maybe it’s due to his job of being a caster, he sticks out.With his stoic image, it is difficult for the younger ones to warm up to him.”

With an impressive background(his father from the civil service and himself a graduate of Japan’s prestigious Keio University), Sakurai Sho may find it advantageous for his image but these may very well become his obstacles to becoming popular. However, what is he aiming for from now on?


One Response to “Sakurai Sho’s dipping popularity in Arashi”

  1. parrainsummer May 11, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

    Not sure about this…Oh-chan is my ichiban and his popularity makes me very happy. He deserves it after so many years of being overlooked and with his awesome talents- his dance, OMG! But I thought that Sho is the most popular especially after Sochi. Anyway, does not make any difference for me. I love Arashi and will be in Hawaii in September regardless of possibility to actually NOT see the concert – have no idea how to get the ticket.

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