Akanishi Jin resigns from Johnny’s Agency

5 Mar

As announced from his twitter, Akanishi Jin has left Johnny’s, a rare move from anyone who belongs to that agency. A Tokyo Sports article analyzes the reasons for his departure.

Insider: “When he was with KAT-TUN, he really hated playing the role of an idol. He would grumble saying things like ‘What’s this’ and ‘So troublesome’ “.

The turning point came when ex-KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki was fired last September.

“Even though Koki was fired for his scandals and moonlighting, he’s still leading a proper life. Akanishi has contacted him and is on good terms with him. This may have sparked his resignation.”

Iijima Michi, who manages SMAP, Yamapi etc, is the only higher-up in Johnny’s who appreciates Akanishi’s talent. It is said that she was the main force behind Akanishi’s comeback after he got suspended for a shotgun wedding. She has tried to retain Akanishi to no avail.

What is in store for Akanishi next?

An acquaintance of Akanishi says “He can speak English fluently, writes songs for other artistes in secret, has connections in Roppongi, manages bars, and even launched his own brands. With his connections, he can surely survive.”.


Alright, i think this is the last article i will ever write about him. 

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