Fans in favor of Yamamoto Sayaka being Oshima Yuko’s successor

9 Mar

It seems fans of Oshima Yuko have already decided that the person who should takeover Oshima Yuko after she graduates should be Yamamoto Sayaka, captain of NMB48 and newly appointed AKB48 Team K member.

Appearing at a PR event on the 5th March, Yamamoto Sayaka said “It’s a pity i had to enter Team K when Yuko is not there.She taught me alot. I will work hard and not cause their spirits to drop.”

It seems like she has inherited the Yuko spirit, but many fans also agree that Yamamoto is the successor to Yuko.

A publisher said “As the center of ‘Mae Shika Mukanee’ single, Oshima Yuko is of course the highlight of the jacket covers, but if you look inside, the center is Yamamoto. Also, there is significance looking at how Yamamoto’s been appointed to concurrent in Oshima’s team. Fans are wondering if this is a conspiracy by the management.”

In addition, the first singer in “Mae Shika Mukanee” is Oshima Yuko, followed by Yamamoto Sayaka. Is Yamamoto really the successor to Yuko?

Shimazaki Haruka was said to be the successor to Maeda Atsuko, as to how Yokohama Yui is to Takahashi Minami. There is certainly no end to the guesses on the topic of successors.



Update: In another article, it is mentioned that Yuko was surprised when she saw Yamamoto taking the center position for the inner pages of the jacket cover. Even though she had a clear idea of who should succeed her(Muto Tomu i guess), it seems that management decided to choose Yamamoto instead since Yuko had also praised her as a good leader.


Yamamoto Sayaka indeed has a similar vibe to Yuko, but I always thought Jurina was the one since they’ve always been paired together. And how did Paruru become successor to Acchan?? Isn’t it Mayuyu? O_O

One Response to “Fans in favor of Yamamoto Sayaka being Oshima Yuko’s successor”

  1. Anonymous March 10, 2014 at 7:08 am #

    I don’t like when people or the same Akip said this girl is the successor of this one, why can be just new girls totally different to old generation just move on. Anyway I would like the next popular girls were from AKB, Yamamoto and even Jurina have said they want to surpass AKB.

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