Watanabe Miyuki gets into a scandal for the 2nd time, this time it’s a sleepover with male model

14 Mar

Saw this on Yahoo Japan and had to write a post about it.

Watanabe Miyuki, 2nd center of NMB48 and a favourite amongst fans of the 48 groups due to her ‘fishing’ skills, was caught sleeping over with an ikemen model Fujita Tom. This was exposed in an article from Bunshun Shunkan, published 13 March 2014.

Although there are no concise photos showing both of them together, the 2 were clearly captured leaving the house which Miyuki stays in when she comes to Tokyo for work. Picture below.

Fans are shocked at this turn of events as Watanabe Miyuki  had once said that she would not betray her fans. Some have taken to Fujita Tom’s twitter to leave angry messages such as “Do you know what you have done?” and “We will not forgive you if you make a move on her again!”. Fujita Tom chose to ignore these comments, continuing to tweet as per usual. Watanabe Miyuki is also choosing to maintain her silence, as her Google+ site continues to be updated with her daily schedules.

This is not the first time Watanabe Miyuki has been embroiled in a scandal. In 2011, she was dropped from the senbatsu lineup of NMB48 2nd single “Oh my god!”. It was speculated that she was given a penalty due to meeting up with male fans in private. If this is true, what will be the consequences this time?



 “I hope you can think more about the fans who support you…..”

Mangaka Yoshirin, who is a Miyuki fan and the representative of all fans when it comes to talking about the 48 groups, left a post on his blog expressing disappointment in Miyuki.

“I can’t help but think about the fans who spend lots of money buying CDs to meet Miyuki in handshake sessions. As most of them are civilised and serious males, somehow they are pitiful and i feel like crying.”

The post was titled “I hope you can think more about the fans who support you with no strings attached.”

However, in a later post, he also acknowledged that the article may in fact be false since the AKB management have yet to give an official reply to this scandal. He promised to apologise if it turns out that the article was written to defame Miyuki.



More snippets taken from other sites about the guy.

– He is young, good-looking and really smart, because he’s a 2nd year student in Tokyo University’s Medicine Faculty(Dentistry).
– Models exclusively for Samurai Elo magazine.
– Judging by the limited returns from Google search, he is not that popular/recognised yet.
– He may already have a girlfriend, a violinist by the name of Machi Okabe.
– Sashihara Rino was following his twitter account. She quickly unfollowed him in light of the scandal.
– Details of his fling with Milky from his alleged private twitter was leaked here.

Forgot where i read these, but it is said Miyuki fell for him at a drinking party and pursued him aggressively over LINE.  Fans are disappointed but totally see why she would like him, given his excellent credentials.

What’s left now is her official reply to this matter.

7 Responses to “Watanabe Miyuki gets into a scandal for the 2nd time, this time it’s a sleepover with male model”

  1. Anonymous March 14, 2014 at 5:49 am #

    When Yamamoto had her scandal she wrote right away had never met with this guy, but Milky neither say something about the scandal nor try to explain. I guess her agency isn’t gonna do anything and like with recently scandals just ignore them and wait what is the fans’s reaction.

    • allthingsjpop March 15, 2014 at 3:02 am #

      Yea, people are comparing Sayanee and Milky’s attitude to these scandals. I know that alot of fans want to believe in her but they also want her to stand out and explain herself. But she’s still uploading holiday selcas on her google+…


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