Compilation of E-girls “Diamond Only” performances

25 Mar

E-girls have succeeded in catching my attention the minute they announced a collaboration with Samantha Vega. I don’t own a Samantha Vega to be honest, but i’ve been wanting one for some time …so to see these girls carrying one and dancing with it makes me really envious. I wonder if they got a free bag each ????

Anyway, the girls deserve credit for bringing out the youthfulness of the bag via their performance. If AKB48 appeals to guys, then E-girls is the opposite. I can totally see why they’d be picked as endorsement models since they look so fashionable and confident. Their music doesn’t appeal to the masses at times but i guess “Diamond Only” is one of their better ones already.

Sound Room

Music Japan

Music Dragon


Purchase their single below:

Diamond Only / E-girls

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