Akanishi Jin receives love call from Hallyu idols

3 Apr

Akanishi Jin has apparently been receiving offers for various jobs after resigning from Johnny’s in February. Amongst them was the possibility of forming a unit with Tanaka Koki. The latest news however, is an offer to produce for a Hallyu idol group, considered arch rivals to Johnny’s.

An insider who had leaked news of Akanishi’s “moonlighting” in Jan gave more details.

“According to what i know, he started doing Hallyu-related business since last year. He would write songs for Korean solo/group artistes using a pseudonym. In Johnny’s, having a secondary job is taboo. When his agency asked about it, Akanishi admitted to it.”

Through Akanishi’s brother Reio’s connections, Jin has alot of Korean idol friends and goes to their lives frequently. Through these interactions, Jin has also received love calls to hold concerts with them.

“2 years ago, Akanishi was seen giving advice to Korean idols on the ways to succeed in Japan, based on what he observed so far. You will be surprised at the ‘Akanishi Believers’. For example, when Akanishi visits their restrooms backstage, a certain member of the group would call on him to become their producer. Akanishi would tell them it was impossible to take up producing activities in Japan. With Korean-Japan relations being the way they are now, Akanishi risks distancing himself from his Japanese fans if he gets closer to Hallyu. But originally his sights were set on the overseas market, so Japan might not be important to him at all…”

Which means, Akanishi may choose Korea over Japan.


Now i’m just interested which Korean group this might be…JYJ or Tohoshinki perhaps?

2 Responses to “Akanishi Jin receives love call from Hallyu idols”

  1. Anonymous April 3, 2014 at 1:44 am #

    wow writing songs for a Korean group….. best way to support your company. Nowadays there are some many Korean groups in Japan that who knows which group could be.

    • allthingsjpop April 3, 2014 at 4:13 am #

      At first i thought it could be JYJ because Yamapi is friends with Jaejoong, but JYJ can produce themselves so should be a not-so-famous idol group.

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