Akanishi looking for new house in LA, to live separately from Meisa?

4 Apr

Akanishi Jin and actress wife Kuroki Meisa are currently living in a mansion located in a high class residential area. It is said to be a spacious, luxurious place, with rental costing about 60,000yen  a month.

“Even though Meisa wishes for Akanishi to take care of their daughter since she’s busy with work, Akanishi treasures time with friends and with himself. Seems like they quarrelled because of this.” (related entertainment rep)

In reality, Akanishi often invites friends over and plays loud music in the middle of the night, not turning it off until early morning. It doesn’t seem like a household that has a 1-year-old kid.

“Meisa is always busy with stage plays so it is not Akanishi but her mother in Okinawa who takes care of their daughter. When they quarrel she’d just go back to her parent’s place. They don’t even bother to talk it out and leave it at that.” (friend of the couple)

According to this friend, there are days when Akanishi stays over in hotels instead of going home after clubbing.

At the start of the year, Akanishi started looking for a new home in Los Angeles and has shortlisted 2 or 3 places, suggesting that he might move over eventually. When asked what are his plans for wife and kid, he said they’ll “shuffle back and forth”.

However, Meisa just announced her participation in Fuji TV’s April drama “Black President”. After that certainly there’d be other offers for dramas and movies.

“When Akanishi decides on his home in LA, that could be the time when they start to live separately..”

Yahoo News

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