Michishige Sayumi to graduate from Morning Musume’14 & Hello! Project this fall

30 Apr

It’s been reported that Michishige Sayumi will be graduating from Morning Musume.’14and Hello! Project this fall.

The news was announced on April 29 during the Yamaguchi concert of Morning Musume.’14’s live tour ‘Morning Musume.’14 Concert Tour Spring ~Evolution~‘. Michishige, who is the member with the longest tenure in the group’s history, commented, “Since I became leader about 2 years ago, I’ve been saying that I wanted to return Morning Musume a favor. During that time, although it wasn’t through my strength alone, we got 5 consecutive number one singles, and through various activities, I feel that I was able to return the favor little by little. Then I discussed it with Tsunku♂-san and the agency, and I decided this year’s fall tour was my time to graduate.

Producer Tsunku explained the reason why Michishige announced her graduation at this concert, It was her wish. To the members, she didn’t want to suddenly announce it on the concert stage. She wanted to directly talk to them before announcing it to the public. So she told them the night before. Then to the fans, she wanted to announce it from her hometown Yamaguchi, so it was decided that she would announce it during the live today.” Michishige will graduate from the group after the finale of Morning Musume.’14’s fall tour.

Michishige joined Morning Musume as its 6th generation member in 2003. After becoming the 8th leader in 2012, she has been leading the young members of the group. She has also been active in her solo activities by appearing on variety shows.


I don’t know much about MM since most of the girls i knew have graduated.I don’t even know Michishige that well either but i think she’s done a great job bringing MM back to its peak. What will happen to MM in the future?

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