Who is the next leader of Morning Musume?

30 Apr

Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume ’14 has just announced her graduation. The future of the remaining 9 members, including the appointment of a leader, is now a concern for group producer Tsunku. Which member will come out tops in the fight for the leader position?

One candidate for such a position is 9th generation member/sub-leader Fukumura Mizuki(17).  With a “healing” character and a nice bodyline, her first photobook was sold out. Her grandfather is rumored to be a super rich celebrity.

Her rival is 10th generation member/sub-leader Iikubo Haruna(19).   She hosts a daily radio show “Young Town” with Michishige and famous MC Sanma, and it is said that even Sanma is wrapped around her fingers now. She is close friends with Nakagawa Shoko and even boasts talents like manga drawing. She has announced her ambitions of being the group’s leader on the same radio show.

However, production staff are speculating the next leader to be Fukumura, due to the group’s traditions of appointing the leader according to seniority and age.

The member coined as the dark horse is 9th generation member Sayashi Riho(15). As the class president type, she possesses solid vocal and dance abilities, making her the center of the group.

“She may become the youngest leader of Morning Musume,” says a related music personnel.


One Response to “Who is the next leader of Morning Musume?”

  1. KIAB May 21, 2014 at 2:26 am #

    Wow…I just discovered this but dayum, that’s gonna be some battle between staff if they’re not going to follow the usual motto of the next oldest current member becoming leader when current leader graduates.

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