[Admin] Hello Yuna is back!

24 May

To all readers of AllThingsJpop,

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week. I believe many have been looking forward to news about AKB48, especially sousenkyo and such, but i was actually travelling in Japan so was out of touch for some time.

During this trip, one of my aims was to walk through Akihabara and perhaps feel the atmosphere of sousenkyo.I was there on a Saturday but unfortunately, there wasn’t any action in that area. No election posters, no fanclub gatherings, and the theater was closed so i couldn’t even access the portraits area to take pictures. I had seen pics of the election posters circulating around the internet so i thought i’d at least find them in the streets of Akihabara. Am i expecting too much? If AKB48 is the national girl group of Japan, it certainly doesn’t seem that way to me.

Anyways, the only interesting moment was when I stepped into AKB48 Cafe & Official Shop outside the Akihabara station.

The customers range from salaryman to otakus to housewives. I think i spotted some fans from Indonesia too. Most of them are there for the cafe and movie theater, which has a giant screen streaming AKB48 performances. I didn’t go in but looking  from outside, it was fully packed and more people were waiting to go in. Well, at least i know AKB48 is popular in that confined space. (A few years back, there was a AKB48 cafe and official shop in Singapore but business was so bad it eventually closed down.)

The fan goods they were selling were like mousepads, keychains, cookies,clear folders, pens, which i find pricey and useless. I prefer magazines etc. which i did come across in a convenience store later (the elections handbook?), but because i was hesitating to buy it, the next time i returned to that store, it was sold out already! Alright so the only thing i could get my hands on was the monthly AKB48 newspaper which had a Team B poster(Mayuyu center) in it. Luckily i got it because the plane ride home was so long it helped me to pass time. More importantly, i now have a Mayuyu poster on my wall!

I’ll update this post with translations of that newspaper when i have time!Meanwhile,please enjoy the new posts i’ve put up today..






3 Responses to “[Admin] Hello Yuna is back!”

  1. anon May 25, 2014 at 11:03 am #

    weird, i thought in akihabara will full of akb posters… still i envy you Yuna… i wanna go to japan too! >.<

    • allthingsjpop May 27, 2014 at 1:33 am #

      I didn’t see any of those posters though. Akihabara looked like Akihabara on any normal day. The billboards with AKB48 on them still had Acchan as the center.

      Well i’m sure you’ll get a chance to visit Japan in future!

  2. anon May 25, 2014 at 11:40 am #

    ” If AKB48 is the national girl group of Japan, it certainly doesn’t seem that way to me.” well AKB is popular but not at the extend to everyone in the streets is talking about the upcoming election, but at the moment you can see in TV ,news paper and of course a lot web sites talking endless about this; though after the election it gets better and you can see in the street a lot people talking about the results ( well mostly in Akihabra area ),

    ” (the elections handbook?)” it must be last week sold 45,000 copies, I still don’t understand why it sells so well.

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