AKB48 6th General Elections: Theater managers emerge and urge fans to unite

25 May

With the announcement of the prelim rankings for the AKB48 6th General Elections, theater managers of the 48 groups are now stepping forth to lobby for their teams. First up was the theater manager of NMB48, who expressed regret at the group’s poor performance this year.

NMB48 Theater Manager Kaneko Takeshi : “This is not the power of Namba!”

“Frankly, when i received the prelim results for Sousenkyo, i was really frustrated. There’s alot to learn from the combined powers of HKT48’s 2 managers. The feeling after confirming NMB48’s status is painful. I feel a responsibility even though the members have worked hard. Seeing some of them cry backstage, i can’t help but feel sorry, regretful..

Nothing will change if i don’t greet the fans today. This is not the true power of Namba! From now, lets work together with the members and staff and show everyone the power of Namba! Lets reach the top!

(NMB only managed to rank in 11 spots out of the 80 available, with Sayanee being the only one in senbatsu. HKT in comparison, had 14 spots, with 3 girls ranking in senbatsu. In terms of number of votes, NMB is way behind the sister groups, as SKE had 150,482 votes and HKT 111,847 votes but NMB only had 58,367 votes.)


AKB48 Theater Manager Yuasa Hiroshi : “Lets snatch the crown away from HKT48”

Yesterday,the NMB theater manager talked about the prelim rankings. As the representative for AKB, i must also say that we are not satisfied with the results. There are still many members in AKB48 who are unranked. Have they been forgotten?

On the 8th December 2005, AKB48 started its activities and have overcome many obstacles since. Personally, i’d like AKB48 to win this battle again. As the theater manager, i definitely wish to snatch the crown away from Hakata.

I really like AKB48 and its members. We might not be able to repay you, but we would definitely like to receive your love.

Do you guys love AKB48? We will take this power and turn it into tears of happiness on the 7th June, so lets take back the No. 1 position from Hakata!


HKT48 Theater Manager Ozaki Mitsuru: “We need everyone’s power.”

When i saw the speech from NMB48’s theater manager, i too felt pain in my heart. HKT48 got this far because everyone here gifted us for working hard the past year. Because of you, 15 members(including Kimoto Kanon from SKE) ranked in.

However, we will not sit and do nothing. Even though there are members who ranked in, there are also members who feel frustrated. There’s still some days to vote, so we need everyone’s power. As the 47 members have worked hard and bet their lives on this the past year, please let them enjoy this festival to the end.


SKE48 Theater Manager Etsuro Imamura: “SKE48 is a group with the most passionate hako-oshis”

Yesterday, NMB48’s theater manager talked to the fans and and lighted up their fighting spirit. Therefore, i would also like to put in a word myself.

When Akimoto Yasushi entrusted SKE48 to me, i quit everything and left for Nagoya. I too, can’t lose.

Even though its just been about 2 months since i became theater manager, every member in SKE48 is a diamond to me. They will shine from now. Therefore, we will not lose to the sister groups.

I am still studying SKE48, but it is a group with the most passionate hako-oshis(i think this means the fans don’t have oshimen and are supportive of every member).  The members are just praying for good results now,but i’d like them to receive  your warm protection.



3 Responses to “AKB48 6th General Elections: Theater managers emerge and urge fans to unite”

  1. Atsuko48 May 25, 2014 at 4:13 am #

    So fast, thank you for your hard work 🙂

  2. anon May 25, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    mmmm honestly reading those comments to me sound ridiculous. What do they want ??? like ever member has a spot in the election is IMPOSSIBLE they forgot how many girls are ??? plus AKB doesn’t have A LOT of fans more hardcore fans and watching some pics of wotas showing all those cds they bought how can those managers said they are not doing enough -.-

    • allthingsjpop May 27, 2014 at 1:35 am #

      I think this is their strategy to get fans to buy more CDs.

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