AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2014 Special

4 Jun

Sashihara Rino

Do you feel an atmosphere where everyone wants to dethrone Sashihara?
Yes. Even though i’m not sure if they really feel this way, i realised i’ve become this kinda presence in the group.

Have you ever felt lonely after becoming the center?
Eh?! I shall say yes, because it’s cool to say that.
But honestly i was only center for 3 months, so i didn’t feel lonely. In fact, i felt fans’ support for me.

Do you want to win the elections this year?
I haven’t thought alot about that alot in the past. But as No.1 has become an achievable feat for me, i’ve started to think about winning it this year.

[Takamina] Do you think she’s going to win the elections?
That’s definitely going to happen. In the media, everyone thinks that Sashihara winning No.1 is going to be interesting, but personally i prefer someone else to win it. If she continues to win, it won’t be interesting! Like if Mayuyu becomes the dark horse and changes the results, then it’d be interesting.


Watanabe Mayu

If you think back on the elections last year?
Last year, i concentrated only on getting No.1. That became too much for me…and if i reflect on it, it wasn’t good for me and made me a less interesting person.

Did you break down after Sasshi surpassed you to win No.1?
After the elections, for awhile i did break down because i worked seriously for a year so i was thinking what the results meant for me.

What did it mean when you said u’re more confident that other members to support AKB48?
I had that feeling that i did not want to lose to anyone. I lived a life different from normal high school girls so it’s like i’ve bet my life on AKB.

[Kashiwagi Yuki] What do you think of Mayuyu’s dedication towards AKB?
For Mayuyu, AKB48’s work is always of priority. For example, when we invite her for meals after work, she’d decline saying there’s filming early next morning. When i see that, i can see that she’d sacrificing her freedom for AKB.

[Matsui Rena] What do you think of Mayuyu’s dedication towards AKB?
She works the hardest and thinks most about AKB, so if she wins the elections, i think i’d be able to see a different Mayuyu.

What’s your reason for aiming for No.1?
Yuko-chan once said she hoped for me to win No.1. I want to become someone of that presence.

[Takamina] What was Mayuyu like when the preliminary results for this year’s elections were announced?
She had a very complicated look on her face. On the surface, she might have been like “Sasshi is formidable! Unbeatable!” but i think she really wanted to win inside. When i saw that, i felt really bad and wanted her to win instead.

Do you want to against Sasshi?
Yes, afterall i’ve been an orthodox idol for 7 years…There’s only 1 life, i want to do what can be done.


Matsui Jurina

[Mayuyu] What are your thoughts of Matsui Jurina?
She came in when she was in elementary school, and now she’s in high school. How big she’s gotten…i’m looking at her like a parent…lol

Why are you aiming for No.1?
I was center for “Oogoe Diamond” and “UZA” and i was always worried if i’d be accepted by the fans. For elections, becoming No.1 would signify becing accepted by the fans.

Matsui Rena

What has changed for you after breaking into Kami 7?
My individual activities have been very fruitful, but that’s at the expense of my group activities.

Why are you aiming for No.1?
The juniors are coming up fast, so if i don’t achieve greater heights, i’d be worried about my future when i leave this group. By aiming for No.1, it’s not because i’m of No.1 calibre. It’s because  i’m not satisfied yet and still have something to show. I want to work harder.

[Sashihara] What do you think of Matsui Rena?
Rena is the only one whom i don’t want to lose to. Despite that we are close and go out for meals.

Yamamoto Sayaka

[Mayuyu] What do you think about Yamamoto Sayaka?
Sayanee is someone who is able to do everything. When i went to NMB48’s concert, your performance skills were outstanding. She’s someone i can learn from despite her being my junior.

[Takamina] She can do anything. She’s an ace like Atsuko. Plus captain. It can be tiring because she does everything.It’s weird not to expect her to rise higher.

What did you think of the prelim results for NMB48?
I panicked. The other groups did well but for us, we can do better.

Your aim for this year’s elections is also No.1?
I said that i’d become someone who leads the group so i’m not going to run away from it.

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