Oshima Yuko says goodbye to AKB48, performs for a last time on TV

10 Jun

Yesterday, Oshima Yuko celebrated her last day as an AKB48 member with a last performance on TV. Her last theater stage in Akihabara was also broadcasted live. Like previous superstar Maeda Atsuko, Oshima’s graduation was treated with the grandeur fit for a queen. I guess only those top members deserve such a luxurious sendoff…

(Q&A Segment where Yuko answers the members’ questions)

#1. What can i do to get a bigger chest? 
I like cheese alot! I am still growing so you guys shouln’t worry.

MC:You think it’s okay for others to see you naked?
I have an elder brother and i always play with his friends so i have no sense of a woman’s modesty?

#2. When are you getting married?
Frankly, by 27?It’s next year…it’s my dream since 19 to get married by 27.By 30, i hope to have 2 children. After 30, i hope to have another 3? Minimum 3 and maximum 5 children?

MC: Do you have a partner now? /Don’t say ‘No’ today and have a scandal the next day! We’ll attack you!

MC: You guys are forbidden from getting into relationships rights? Is it alright to get married?
[Takamina] Akimoto san said marriage is fine. [Sashihara] Akimoto san will answer if you are serious about discussing it with him.

#3. What is your toughest job so far?
[Sashihara]Mine was standing in the middle of Shibuya, wearing a plastic bag around my head and being suffocated. Even my parents got worried about me.
[Uchida Mayumi] I ate cockroaches.
[Yuko] Compared to sasshi, i don’t think mine was tough at all. I ate shrimps before i went to to sea to fish. And i vomitted due to sea sickness. But i caught shrimps again and had to eat it.
[MC] What are you talking about? It’s tougher for us to listen to you!

(Segment about the History of Oshima Yuko)

“When we first met, she belonged to the newly formed Team K. We were conscious of each other as rivals. At that time, Akimoto Sayaka led them to greet us, and was talking about how they would work hard in order not to lose to us. From then, we kept thinking of each other as rivals.”

“She was a child actress, and whilst the rest of us came in with no showbiz experience, it seemed like she bet her all on AKB48 and her resolve was stronger than us.”

“She was someone who could do anything. However, because of her background as a child actress, the managers didn’t want to acknowledge her and she was someone who wasn’t pushed.”

-Skip part about Oshima Yuko’s road to stardom-

“When i left, i was very sorry to Yuko. That was the moment when everyone thought there’s no one else left but Yuko. But AKB48 was able to continue so i was very happy. Yuko worked very hard in place of me”

“When she announced i graduation, i thought ‘Ah that time has come’.  For her, the starting is now.”

Letter from Yuko’s father:
“You’ve been working in the showbiz from young, and even though you didn’t land a lot of jobs, you worked hard and i was very happy seeing that. But knowing that you love playing with your classmates, i didn’t imagine that you’d be serious about entering showbiz in future. I thought you’d quit showbiz forever when you entered high school. That’s when you were accepted into AKB48. You have grown alot these past 8 years. I feel energized whenever i see you chasing your dreams. Your dream is also my dream. I feel very blissful to have gone through this route with you.

The Yuko today is won’t be who she is without the fans, staff, members and related personnel. I am thankful for what you have done for her. Please support Oshima Yuko from now on too. Lastly, Yuko, thank you. P.S: Because of me, you turned out to be short, sorry!”

(Excerpts from Akihabara Theater Live)

[Mayuyu]”I really think Yuko is a great senior. You always think of everyone individually. When i first entered senbatsu, you gave me advice on acting. I am very happy to have worked beside you like this. When i heard you were going to graduate, i couldn’t imagine AKB without you…the future seemed dark. I want to send you off with a smile, and without you worrying about AKB. A few days before, i got No.1 in the Sousenkyo, so i thought that i have to lead everyone now. Please leave AKB48 to me. Thank you for everything!”

[Yuko]”You’ve grown up!”


[Kojiharu] “I have sent off so many, now i don’t know what to say. I have thought about what to say 2 weeks ago, and there’s so many things i thought of, but i just decided a few moments ago. [Yuko: Thank goodness u decided.] You are I are the same age,and you have things i don’t have. Because you work hard, i can work hard as well. If you are gone, i don’t think I can work hard anymore. [Yuko: But the other day you just said you won’t graduate!] So, i’ll just work a little bit more. [Yuko: Alrighhhht…] But when i was worrying about what i can do for AKB, Yuko said I just needed to be around. I was so happy because you saved me. I can’t work hard, but i think it’s also okay to just be around. [Yuko: Y..es….i don’t know how to answer you.] Today i’m wearing the ring you gave me in Hawaii. [Yuko: Today, I ….] Ah, you can’t wear it because of the costume coordination? [Yuko: Yes! Sorry! But i am always wearing it too!] From now on, lets be together forever. [Yuko: But previously, you didn’t like the design and hated it.] But i treasure it the most so i am wearing it today. [Yuko: You tried to accomodate me right?] Yes..haha. That’s all. Please work hard in Brazil!  [Yuko: I’ll also support you!] *Yuko leans in for a kiss…*


[Sashihara] “You probably don’t remember it, but when i was a research student, the staff told you to cue me to introduce myself, but 90% of the time you’d forget. You’d always run over to me after the theater live and say sorry. I can’t forget that. After that, we gradually got to know each other, and i’d like to tell you that you’re the senior i respect most. I also feel happy to be in the same agency as you. In HKT48, there are alot of juniors who admire you. I will pass on your spirit to them. I really like you, congratulations!”

[Yukirin] -skip the front= “During the rehearsals for your concert, you commented about my lousy dancing skills, but you taught me 1-to-1, so i’m really happy. You gave me new shoes after finding out that the shoes that i’ve been wearing for the past 6 years have worn out. When the members complain about my fashion sense, you gifted me with trendy outfits…but it’s so trendy that i don’t know how to wear it! Please teach me how to wear it next time! I’ll work hard to catch up to you, and i’ll also lead the group so that you don’t have to worry about us.”

[Takamina] You have alot of memories with the rest, but when i think about us, there’s only one i can think of. After Acchan’s graduation was decided, we decided to have a meal together. We talked about the future of AKB at that time. It was the first time we talked deeply, and we realised we were thinking of the same things. After that, in an interview you were asked ‘What is Takamina’s presence to you?’. You told them i am your comrade. I was very happy.  But i have a last request, after your graduation, i hope to be your friend instead. [Yuko: No!] Why?! When you graduate, we won’t be comrades anymore, so i wanna be your friend! [Yuko: I will continue to be AKB48’s supporter. I will understand AKB48 more than anyone, and i’ll also tell give you feedback based on what i see outside. So I prefer to continue being your comrade.] [Sashihara She got rejected 2 times! ][Yuko: Because there’s no one else who can be my comrade other than Takamina!]
Listen to the ‘Yuko’ calls one last time

Messages from fellow graduated members

Maeda Atsuko: “Yuko is so cute! Tomorrow is the day you can spread you wings! Yuko is really cool! You just fall in love the more you look at her. Congratulations on your graduation! I can imagine the glittery you!”

Itano Tomomi:
“I went to see Yuko’s concert.She was shining so brightly. Indeed her smile is the best. Please continue to stay as you are!”

Shinoda Mariko: “I went to see Yuko’s concert with Acchan. We wanted to lend our power as bringers of the Sun. Our prayers worked! Congratulations!”


Yuko’s last google+ entry

I have graduated!
Everyone, thank you for your support.
My theater performance is over.
Frankly, i’m much more relaxed now.

To quote the lyrics from “Ima Made no Melody”,
I have no more regrets.
I have done what there is to do.

When i think about what AKB has given me,
It’s something to be proud of.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me. (*^^*)In my next life, I want to be reborn as Oshima Yuko.
And live this life again.Ah! Also, this is my last entry.
I will try and appear in the members’ posts, so please continue to check them out!
Thank you, this is Oshima Yuko.(Her account was deleted after midnight.)


Yuko i can’t bear to see you leave.. you are truly the best!

11 Responses to “Oshima Yuko says goodbye to AKB48, performs for a last time on TV”

  1. anon June 10, 2014 at 12:17 pm #

    I became fan of AKB in 2012 when I watched a cut from an old episode of AKBingo, then start to watch AKBingo since the first one ( then shukan AKB ). I like AKB for the old generation and it is so sad I became fan so late,honestly I don’t like all these new girls let alone sister groups. Once Kojiharu graduate from the group it will be time to left AKB behind and have a better social life jajaja

    Congratulation Yuko!!!!!! you sure were one of the reason AKB became so popular.

    • allthingsjpop June 10, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

      For me, it’s after they released the ponytail to shushu single…which is like 2010 or 2011? I was following aramatheydidnt at that time but over the years they stopped reporting on akb so I started my own site. I don’t watch akbingo so I probably missed a lot of Yuko…I also think that I became a fan too late.

      I think I will graduate from akb when Mayu/Yukirin leaves. They are like the founding girls of akb too, and have been there from the 1st sousenkyo. I think it will be a weird to see sister groups taking over akb…

  2. lulu June 11, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!! ” *Yuko leans in for a kiss…*” I don’t understand why Kojiharu didn’t give her a kiss T-T this one was like the last opportunity we had to see finally a kiss between these two jajaj

    Did you skip Jurina and Umechan parts ??? No that I am asking to translate these parts, I am not really interested what they said just curios for the reason jajaj

    • allthingsjpop June 11, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

      Yes I skipped those 2 cos its kinda boring…they talked about how they admire Yuko for her performance skills and how she always works hard. Jurina in particular said she wanted to become Yuko but Yuko told her she just needed to be herself.

      After listening to everyone say they admire Yuko you can’t help but wanna skip the rest lol.

  3. thomas June 12, 2014 at 6:34 am #

    You are amazing thank you 🙂 It’s always strange when a popular member leaves the group, I am still missing Acchan T-T. While I was watching the footage of Yuko I felt nostalgic for the old days. It is a pity AKB started when there were no such a think like twitter, tumbler etc. now most of the international fans just like new generations, AKB was 1000 x better before. Anyway it was a really good special, and I wish to Yuko a great career.

    • allthingsjpop June 12, 2014 at 7:02 am #

      Thanks Thomas. Glad to see more comments from you too. When did you get into AKB?

      • thomas June 13, 2014 at 1:26 am #

        I discovered AKB through Kojima Haruna, when I watched her dorama Coin Locker Monogatari. I searched more about her and found she was part of AKB, but when I read about the group didn’t like too much.

        After some time a friend showed me River, this video had eng sub, the lyrics just got me jaja and the way they performed the song. Then I gradually became their fan, though I don’t follow the group as much as before.

  4. Anon February 4, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

    Hey what show is this? The videos aren’t loading!!

    • allthingsjpop February 6, 2015 at 4:14 pm #

      This is Oshima Yuko’s graduation special on Hey! Hey! Hey! Unfortunately the dailymotion video has already been taken down. I think you might need to source elsewhere. But at least you got the screencap summary.

  5. gertono August 25, 2015 at 12:21 am #

    I just found this video and it’s heart-breaking when yuko reject takamina.

    I think takamina is said from bottom of her heart and when got replied her sadness can’t hide away but she still try to be strong in front of other (I respected that and feel sorry for her)


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