Maeda Atsuko talks about getting married,but boyfriend cheats behind her back

Kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya and ex-AKB48 ace Maeda Atsuko’s relationship is full of twists and turns. The two started their relationship in March 2013. In early June 2014, news sources reported about their breakup but soon enough, the two reconciled. However, Onoe Matsuya’s womanizing ways may perhaps be the wake-up call for Maeda to end this relationship.

On 6th June, Maeda Atsuko met up with fellow actors/actresses from drama “Q10” at a Izakaya in Tokyo. These friends were Emoto Tokio,Takahata Mitsuki and Sosuke Ikematsu and they collectively call themselves the “Uglies”. A reporter from Bunshun apparently sat nearby and was able to capture their conversation.

It was Maeda who first revealed that she and Onoe have reconciled, as he told her he still likes her. She had gotten into an argument with Onoe but decided to forgive him after he showed up at her doorstep looking “cute” after catching a cold. She revealed that her relationship with Onoe is pretty smooth now and is even ready for marriage as she likes him alot.

Fast forward to 5 days later.

As if playing with Maeda’s feelings, Onoe Matsuya was captured kissing a woman in her 40s inside a taxi. The woman is later said to be a radio producer and a divorcee with children. Onoe had guested on her radio show in March this year. Before they separated ways, he even asked her when they would meet next. Onoe then headed back to Maeda’s mansion.


Onoe Matsuya issues an apology: “I’m reflecting on my inappropriate actions”

“Regarding the report this time, I’m sorry for causing confusion and worries for fans and related personnel.To have such news reported about me, and for causing such chaos, I’m reflecting on my inappropriate actions. I will not cause such trouble and will concentrate on my work. Please continue to give me your guidance and support.”



11 responses to “Maeda Atsuko talks about getting married,but boyfriend cheats behind her back

  1. Thank you, Yuna!
    I’m a bit surprised he cheated on Maeda with woman in her 40s. ^^;
    If she’s pretty just like Mariri, I think I can understand…

      • May I know what kind of report it is?
        Did her ex-girlfriend sold his past relationship’s stories to Bunshun or?
        I’m a bit curious since people always called him a playboy but as far as I know I only saw him get caught just this once.

  2. ” A reporter from Bunshun apparently sat nearby and was able to capture their conversation.” wow Is it even legal ?? and that guy is something, after she is even thinking in getting married, he just cheat on her with someone he just know a few months ago -.-

  3. A guy whom nobody knew before became kind of popular thanks to Maeda, and he thinks is a really great idea give her bad publicity, what a great boyfriend. I am glad he was caught before anything had become serious with Maeda, I hope after this she gets over him.

  4. yeah, its good he got caught before getting more serious with acchan, lets just forget him and thinking about acchan feeling now T_T she must very sad. if i’m in japan, i will give onoe something to him remember, hope acchan friends in japan, if this news really2 happen, will do something XD to onoe / acchan, and to all of fans acchan, we must give acchan our pray and support to make her feel better 🙂

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