The problems brewing behind Maeda Atsuko’s relationship

22 Jun

With the recent expose on Onoe Matsuya’s fling with a woman 11 years older than him, attention has now turned onto how Maeda Atsuko will deal with her boyfriend’s infidelity.

Maeda Atsuko had started this relationship with marriage in mind. In return, she had expected Onoe Matsuya to be serious about it too.

A person who knows both of them said: “She’s really not the type to play around. She introduced Onoe to her mother and even met up with Onoe’s mother. In this day and age, few people expect acknowledgement from their partner’s parents. So Onoe told his friends that she’s ‘重い’.” (I don’t know how to translate this, but it means the girl is too serious and stressful.)

The 2 often date indoors, and this eventually led to cohabiting. However, this also means that they can see each other’s faults and arguments. A showbiz staff claims that Maeda had declared to her male actor friends that she wouldn’t cheat, and even reports her dinner plans with male friends to Onoe. In return, she also expects Onoe to do the same, and when he’s being evasive, she would question him further.

This staff also claims that Maeda had shown a violent side before. “Rumours of them breaking up started in March. She was in the resting room backstage sending mails to Onoe. After seeing something she disliked, she blew up, picked up a sushi from the table and threw it at the wall. The people around froze..and that’s how they believed her relationship wasn’t going smoothly.”

Now people are worried about Maeda’s mental state after finding out that she’s been cheated on. However, her rival is a successful woman with brains and beauty. What will Acchan do?


One Response to “The problems brewing behind Maeda Atsuko’s relationship”

  1. anon June 22, 2014 at 4:19 pm #

    Yuna, thank you for continuing to update this news. Somehow I have feeling this guy will do the same thing as one of One Direction’s member did to his girlfriend… I hope Acchan doesn’t give him a chance anymore… Their relationship are not healthy, imo.

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