AKB48 37th single is named “Kokoro no Placard”

On June 23, AKB48‘s Watanabe MayuHKT48‘s Sashihara RinoSKE48‘sMatsui Jurina, and NMB48‘s Yamamoto Sayaka appeared on the presentation to announce the contract between AKB group and “Baitoru”, a part-time job offering website.

Those four girls along with Matsui RenaShimazaki Haruka, and Kashiwagi Yuki, who were the top 7 of the recent Senbatsu election, will appear on the new CM, and it will use AKB48’s upcoming 37th single as the CM song.

Watanabe who grabbed the No.1 spot on the election will serve as the center for the single, and it was announced the single would be titled “Kokoro no Placard” (to be released on August 27). Watanabe explained regarding the song, “It is such an easy song to remember, and I could remember it after listening to it 1.5 times. Since it’s an enjoyable song for men and women of all ages, I hope many people listen to it, and sing and dance to it.”

She also mentioned “Koisuru Fortune Cookie“, which centered Sashihara, the queen of the previous election. As it became a hit and many people all around the world made videos dancing to the song, Watanabe cheerfully commented, “Hopefully, my song could also be livened up as much as that song!”

During the presentation, it was also announced that there will also be four different versions of CMs featuring AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 which will be aired only locally. Moreover, four TV stations will produce new TV programs around the theme of part-time jobs starting July 1.

Those four programs include Fuji TV’s “AKB de Arubaito” (every Tuesday at 1:40 am~ *Kanto region only), CBC TV’s “SKE no Kayou Arubaito Gekijou” (every Tuesday at 1:18 am ~), Kansai TV’s “NMB no Meccha Baito” (every Tuesday at 1:00 am~), and Kyushu Asahi Housou’s “HKT Shakariki 48!” (every Friday at 12:55 am~).


A preview of the song is in the CM above. Sightings of the filming of their PV in Shizuoka has also been uploaded around the Internet.


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2 responses to “AKB48 37th single is named “Kokoro no Placard”

  1. when some singer or group try to do a song 2.0 never works. Why Akip didn’t try something different? Heavy Rotation was a hit as well, but the next single was totally different.

    So far the single and the clothes looks kind of normal, and doing again a MV similar to KFC is not going to be a good idea, just like made a MV similar to GM5 for Hear Ereki and Yuko’s last song didn’t work.

    • I also hope that they can try to avoid copying..but producing a hit like Heavy Rotation is difficult. If they didn’t do viral marketing for KFC, i’m sure KFC wouldn’t be a hit too. So it feels like they’re using viral marketing again to force-create a hit.

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