Mayday Releases PV of “Do You Ever Shine?” Starring Takeru Sato

28 Jun

If you’re watching “Bitter Blood” featuring Sato Takeru and Atsuro Watabe, then you’d definitely have heard this awesome theme song that surfaces during the opening and ending credits.

Titled “Do You Ever Shine?”, this song is Mayday‘s first single in the Japanese music industry. They are a legendary rock band from Taiwan and have previously released a debut album in Japan back in November 2013.

The song is the first from the band to be chosen as a theme song of a Japanese drama and has since raised much interests amongst Japanese viewers. The opening features a tune full of suspense which quickly builds up to an explosive chorus, thanks to lead singer A Shin’s edgy and powerful vocals.

Check out the music video which also stars labelmate Sato Takeru.

For those who wish to purchase the single:

*Regular Edition**

*Limited Edition*

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