[Friday Delight] Songs for the soul from Ichiban Song Show

5 Jul

New corner on AllThingsJpop!

I guess this will be the ‘anything and everything corner’ where i post random stuff just to spice up Friday nights. If you have anything that you want to share in this corner, please don’t hesitate and give me a shoutout!

This week i dug out the performances from the recent Ichiban Song Show special where artistes like AKB48, Kanjani8, Ikimonogatari, May J,Kimura Kaela, Golden Bomber etc gathered to perform their past hits.

My favourite is this song called “M” (video 18:46) performed by Princess Princess. It is the song that listeners wanted to hear the most when they go through a breakup. I simply like it for its sentimental lyrics.

Another one which i liked is called “Arigatou” (video 32:22) performed by Ikimonogatari. It is a favourite bgm for any graduation/wedding ceremony in Japan. Personally, i just like the female singer’s healing voice.


For those who usually look for AKB48 cuts, please scroll to the back of Part 1 and Part 2 above.

There was a talk segment where Mayuyu and Sasshi talked about funny memories from the recent general elections.

Watanabe Mayu said that she was seated within the tent during the announcement of results and suddenly the rain came pouring in her direction, so she actually felt like having her name called earlier so she can escape her seat.

Sashihara said it was so cold that whenever one member gets called out to receive their trophy, everyone would fight for the blanket leftover from the empty seats.


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