Anime character from “Kuroku no Basket” celebrates birthday with fanfare

8 Jul

Whilst Japanese are celebrating the Tanabata Festival on the 7th July, anime character Midorima Shintaro from “Kuroku’s Basket” is also getting his birthday celebrated in grand fanfare.

His ardent followers have taken to setting up an altar filled with his figurines,photos and posters to celebrate his birthday. The photos of of this “ritual” was uploaded to Twitter,accompanied by the below message.

“Happy Birthday, Midorima Shintaro.
Because of you, i am able to shine brightly.
I think you feel the same about me.
Thank you for being born.
Thanks for letting us meet.
To the one i love most, have the happiest birthday.”

While it is not unheard of for fans to go all out in supporting their idols in the “CG” world, such acts always leave me in awe.

Another dedication from fan in China.

” It’s my first time celebrating Midorima’s birthday. He is my favourite from the virtual world. No matter what happens, i’ll be with you.”

In case you are wondering who Midorima Shintarou is and why he’s so popular, he is an ace shooter for Shutoku High School in Kuroku’s Basket, and whilst he is quite an arrogant and cold character, his obsession with horoscopes and lucky items makes him very cute instead.


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