Maeda Atsuko goes on yakiniku date with boyfriend despite his infidelity

Maeda Atsuko has decided to stick with her boyfriend Matsuya Onoe despite his latest cheating scandal, as both were captured going for a yakiniku date on the 5th July 2014. This is the first time the 2 were photographed together ever since their relationship was exposed in September 2013.

According to Josei Seven, the 2 were spotted in a high class yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo, seated opposite each other in a private room. In the midst of their “date”, Maeda moved to sit beside her boyfriend and they continued eating. After their meal the 2 walked leisurely with Matsuya matching Maeda’s footsteps. Maeda was smiling all the while.

Just last month, Matsuya Onoe was captured kissing a woman ‘A’ in her 40s, who works in radio broadcasting. He apologised for his behavior but many thought that this would be the end of his relationship with Maeda.However, 24 days later, both continued to date like nothing happened.

Josei Seven pointed out that this yakiniku date had a special meaning for Maeda. Even though Maeda has graduated from AKB48 and is free from the love-ban rule, she has chosen to date indoors to respect the feelings of her fans. That is why photos of her and her boyfriend have never been captured. This time, the decision to date in public was perhaps her way of showing ‘A’ that Matsuya Onoe is her boyfriend.


In a recent interview, Matsuya Onoe was asked about his ideal type.

“I like the type who can tolerate, someone who can walk 2 or 3 steps behind her husband,” he said, showing his preference for traditional type of girls. “Also, she has to wear kimonos and be able to manage.”

These are certainly traits of females married into the kabuki clans.




14 responses to “Maeda Atsuko goes on yakiniku date with boyfriend despite his infidelity

  1. I’m very good at being “in denial” … so here goes: “Maybe he was just kissing his aunt goodbye. This after they had spent the evening looking through catalogs trying to find the right birthday present for Atsuko.

  2. Haha I’ve been waiting for you to translate this one & thank you for that as always.

    Anyway, it seemed like our Atsuko’s really mature when it comes to the matters of the heart. I honestly thought she is too childish to be in relationships, but I think despite all the rumor of her bf cheating, I could label this as a serious one because she’s staying. But still, I always believed that once the cheating is done it’ll still continue later on. Good luck to Maeda how she’ll tame her bf. w

    Okay now I need to start not really getting too attached with Maeda now that she’s taken. lol

    • You’re welcome. Traffic to my blog is so high today because of Acchan.

      I too believe she’s serious about marrying him. Although i’d much prefer her to move on with others. There are so many hot actors around her to look out for..

  3. If she’s willing to be that sort of woman he wants, that’s up to her. It’s none of my business but I feel kind of disappointed in her. I prefer to admire modern women as opposed to traditional ones.

    • Yes I think so. There was a paparazzi shot this year of him picking her up in his car, after a Takamina-Acchan meal. I stopped posting on this couple since there’s nothing new.

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