Akanishi Troop gets in trouble with the police for stealing a cellphone in Roppongi

16 Jul

The Akanishi Troop, consisting of Akanishi Jin(30), Yamashita Tomohisa(29), Nishikido Ryo(29) and friends, have been involved in an incident with the police. Last month, they got into trouble with a group of 5 or 6 in Roppongi and were accused of stealing a cellphone.

“Nishikido hangs out frequently with the group, and he is known for being a bad drinker who forgets what happens after a night of drinking. People have seen him forcing his way into cabs. Yamashita also plays with them frequently. The Akanishi Troop usually goes clubbing to hit on foreign ladies.”

The Akanishi Troop was thought to have disbanded due to Akanishi’s marriage to actress Kuroki Meisa(26) in 2012, and the birth of their daughter in the same year. Recently though, the group seems to have revived their activities.

“Last month, this group of 5 or 6 people discovered the Akanishi Troop in the streets of Roppongi and called out to them. They were not fans of Johnny’s. I guess Akanishi and friends weren’t amused by that. It ended in a scuffle,” a person familiar with the incident said. Scuffles are not uncommon in Roppongi where nightlife is rampant.

“One of the girls in the group was recording the scene on her cellphone. Noticing that, the Akanishi Troop took her phone and ran away with it,” he continued.

The girl reported this case to the police the next day.

“Fans of Akanishi Troop have also reported about being treated coldly. I know of one who met Akanishi in the streets. She wanted to take a picture but was threatened by his outburst of ‘Hey what are you filming!’ ” said someone from the entertainment circle.

However, the incident this time is not a case of Johnny’s talents versus stalker fans. There is information that mediation is ongoing to prevent this from developing into a criminal case.


Why am i not surprised anymore?


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