SKE48 special live show at Mihama Kaiyuusei 2014

19 Aug

On 4th August, all the members of SKE48 gathered at Mihama Beach in Aichi Prefecture to perform live for 2000 people. This is the second time they were invited to perform for the annual summer festival. A special cut of the event was aired on TV a few days ago. For a free concert, SKE48 certainly went all out for their fans as they performed more than 20 songs in different costumes. There was also a swimsuit fashion show which selected members participated in.

Hmm..there are alot of great performances and center match-ups. I haven’t seen the entire concert but my favourite part’s got to be “Bukiyou Taiyou” in Yukata fashion! All their Yukatas were so nice it’s impossible to pick out the prettiest girls (but my bias goes to Rena). I feel somewhat envious of their culture..

M01 Gomen ne summer(All)
M02 Pareo wa Emerald(All)
M03 Aishite Raburu (All)
M04 Winning Ball (Team KII)
M05 Koi no Keikou to Taisaku (Team E)
M06 Pinocchio Gun (Team S)
-Swimsuit Fashion Show-
M07 Hanabi wa Owaranai (Team KKS)
M08 Bukiyou Taiyou (All)
M09 Tsuyoki Mono Yo (Nakanishi Yuka/ Oya Masana double center)
M10 Shoujo wa Manatsu ni Nani wo Suru? (Kinoshita Yukiko/Makiko Saito double center)
M11 Te wo Tsunaginagara (Jurina center)
M12 Oki Doki (Jurina center)
M13 Kiss Datte Hidarikiki (Rena/Akane double center)
M14 Choco no Dorei (Suda Akari/Ryoha double center)
M15 Banzai Venus (Akane/Ryoha double center)
M16 Sansei Kawaii (All)
M17 Mirai to wa? (All)
M18 Hazumisaki (All)
M19 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! (All)
M20 Nakama no Uta(All)

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