Watanabe Mayu talks about winning Sousenkyo and “Kokoro no Placard”

19 Aug
In Renai Sousenkyo(weekly AKB variety),you showed off a dark persona which you created?
I thought it would make me more approachable or humane.
In future, are you going to show off different sides of yourself?
Yes, i will create more personas and show it.So you are going to crush your perfect student image?
In a good way, i am defying everyone’s expectations. I am betting on this move hoping that people will enjoy it.

In a previous “Labrador Retriever” interview, you mentioned that only by getting No.1 in Sousenkyo will you then become the true Ace. So you’ve now become the true Ace. Congratulations!
Thanks( weird expression).
How do you feel now?
It was a present from fans, so i felt some confidence.  Somehow, its like i can keep my head high. Feels like i have become a new person.
It feels different from pre-elections?
Yes, there’s a difference.It feels like Mayu san is tougher than before.
No..i’m not there yet. (laughs)

Your hard work has paid off right?
Yes, it feels like finally i am being rewarded. I have wished for this while working hard these 8 years, so it feels good.

When we talk about the AKB Ace, Maeda Atsuko comes to mind. What do you think?
When i think about it now, indeed Maeda san was great. I came to think of that recently when i stood in the same position. It’s something that others won’t understand if not in the same position. It’s difficult to express, but centers need to have a firm resolve.

Once you are at the top, what you are seeking may be different from what others expect. Do you think the road ahead will be tough?
Hmm..Maeda san was a center for so long, i wonder what she was thinking.

Do you want to ask Maeda?
Yes, but…actually talking face-to-face with a senior makes me nervous. I want to ask someday though..

What is your homework for being an ace?
I will work harder without forgetting about the past. I am still inexperienced, so i would like to learn more and grow.

Do you want to win Sousenkyo again next year?
I haven’t thought about next year. I have come this far by aiming higher than where i was standing, so since i have become No.1 the next step will be a straight win. I feel like i have to work hard with this goal in mind.

About AKB48 37th single Kokoro no Placard
“When i first heard the song, i thought it was a slow song. Though Koisuru Fortune Cookie(KFC) was slow as well, Kokoro no Placard was even slower. The lyrics talk about love and describe the feelings of a shy guy. There are parts I can relate to so i think the lyrics are great. I hope those who relate to this guy will support the song.”
About the choreography, she described it as “simpler than KFC”. “You can learn just by modelling after me on TV, so please try it.”



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