HKT48, Hey!Say!JUMP and GENERATIONS on Music Station

6 Sep

HKT48 – Hikamae I Love You!
First of all, i LIKE this song. The tune reminds me of idol songs from many years ago, like 80s or 90s?  The lyrics describe a shy girl’s heart very well and you can hear alot of rhyming words. Below is a translation of the lyrics:

The scene of you running makes my Heart Beat (Heart Beat)
My eyes follow you and Lock On
The school grounds always gives me a Shutter Chance (*meaning photo taking chance)
The wind is blowing Lonely(Lonely)
There’s still half a year worth of School Days 
There’s nothing written in my rolled up Diary
When it comes to cool guys, there should be others around
But if it’s not you(x2), definitely(x2) it’s impossible

Chorus( x2 times):

I am sorry, liking you one-sidedly, Love you! Love you! (ever so cautiously)
I’ll just watch you from here
I’m satisfied just meeting you
I don’t want to cause any trouble, Love you! Love you! (saying to myself)
Please work hard in your club activities, and don’t notice me!

Performance wise, the choreography is really cute. I guess the biggest gripe most would have is the significance of Kodama Haruka as center, since she didn’t get to stand in the center during important parts of the song and is forced to share the spotlight with Sakura, Sasshi and the new twin combination Nako-Miku. I can go to lengths about this but since i’m not a fan I shall just enjoy their music.


GENERATIONS – Always with you
I looked at this group and recognized a couple of faces from GTO. Gosh after the scandal between GENERATIONS Alan Shirahama and AKB48 Minegishi Minami, you’d think they’d avoid putting AKB48 Kizaki Yuria in a drama with these guys. Anyway the dancer in white shirt and black hair is Alan Shirahama. Sorry for gossiping, but music wise this group is like a weaker version of EXILE.


Hey! Say! JUMP – Weekender / Asu e no Yell
I only watched “Asu e no Yell”. It’s a really nice song, sorta feels like a song for World Cup. The audience were really fired up as well – don’t know if it’s the effect of drama Suikyuu Yankees?

2 Responses to “HKT48, Hey!Say!JUMP and GENERATIONS on Music Station”

  1. Denny Sinnoh September 6, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    I probably know the Hawkstown 48 the least of all the groups of the 48-Family, but that fleeting second of the “Doki Doki” line and dance move just KILLED me.

    • allthingsjpop September 6, 2014 at 4:36 am #

      I find myself unconsciously drawn to the twin combi. they stand out too much!

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