Join AllThingsJpop for AKB48 Janken Tournament 2014

16 Sep

Edit: Sorry i messed up the timing and thought it’d start right now. Then i looked at my computer’s clock and it says 16th September!  >_<
Actually the event is tomorrow – 17th September! Sorry if you came here only to be disappointed. We’ll see each other tomorrow =(

In about 24hrs time, AKB48 will be holding its 5th Janken Tournament, where members of the 48 group come together and battle it out in a game of “scissors paper stone”. Traditionally the top 16 members would get to front the group for its next single release. However, conditions have changed this year. The winner of this year’s tournament will get a solo debut, whilst those ranked 2nd to 16th will sing a coupling song for the winner’s solo single, plus film an MV. This makes winning much more worthwhile than before. But for those ranked 2nd to 16th, i honestly don’t see any benefits.

Whilst the Janken Tournament is a much smaller event compared to the annual general elections, fans still look forward to this event for various reasons.

1. The Costumes 
Usually the members choose the costume that best represents their personalities and wear it onstage. A lookback at the Top16 from the past year.

2. The Winner
Speculations about the tournament being rigged has been rife for years, ever since the winner transited from unknown member Uchida Mayumi to media-friendly faces like Shinoda Mariko, Shimazaki Haruka and Matsui Jurina. Is this simply a game of luck or the management’s clever ploy to push their favourite members? The winner this year will give us a clue or two.

3. The NEW Single
Over the past few years, the autumn single(some like to call it the dark cool song) has been performed for the first time in this event. After seeing disappointing reception to the post-election single “Kokoro no Placard”, no doubt everyone is ready to move on to the next one. What genre will be it? Who will be the center? Will the senbatsu be finally made up of AKB48-only members?

Do join me later as i bring you the live stream of the 5th Janken Tournament!
It starts at 5.15pm Japan Time on 17th September 2014, so do your calculations and lets watch it together!

Disclaimer: I got the live stream source from the AKB48 Taiwan Fan Club so not sure if it’s 100% working. But i’ll embed the video here when the event is about to start.


One Response to “Join AllThingsJpop for AKB48 Janken Tournament 2014”

  1. anon September 16, 2014 at 10:02 am #

    The only tournament that wasn’t rigged was the first one, after that the winner was someone management wanted to win. I think this tournament was a really great idea, but after everyone knowing the winner was rigged it wasn’t exciting anymore.

    It had been so much better if instead of every girl participating, just the girls who ranked from #1 to #25 for example were the only ones in the tournament ( like that management doesn’t have to rig anything ). I know is unfair with the other girls, but being honest no one wants someone unpopular get the center or even be part of the single. How cool had been if the senbatsu members had played one against the other ……. Yuko vs Maeda or Maeda vs Takamina Kojiharu vs Shinota etc

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