Watanabe Mayu brings everyone to tears with confession to a fan

26 Sep

In the last episode of AKB48’s variety show “Renai Sousenkyo”, a show where members learn about relationships and take turns to make confessions to fans, Watanabe Mayu took on the challenge of confessing to a fan for the first time in her life.

The lucky fan was a 14-year-old middle school guy(named Kanta) picked from a pool of 3,298 fans who requested to be confessed to by Watanabe. Despite their age gap of 6 years (Watanabe being 20), the confession turned out to be a most touching episode as Watanabe approached the fan with smiles and sincerity. Fellow members Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yukirin and Minegishi Minami were drawn to tears in this finale.

Watch the episode and here’s a summary:

Mayuyu tells everyone not to look forward to her confession as she is totally new to this.


Mayu visits Kanta’s home to find his vast collection of Mayuyu fan goods.


Mayu finds Kanta’s height marking on the wall. The fan’s mother measures her height and marks it on the same wall.


Mayu weaves a good luck charm for Kanta, wishing him luck in his soccer tournaments.


Mayu also signs on Kanta’s desk. “Kanta kun, work hard for your studies and soccer! I’ll be going to meet you now. Mayuyu”


Takamina says she can’t handle the scenes and starts crying, moved by Mayu’s actions for the fan. Soon enough, Minegishi also joins in.


Mayu meets the fan on his way home from school. She throws a soccer ball to him, catching him by surprise.
“I came to meet you because i have something to say. I was watching you while you were practicing sports. I also visited your house, and entered your room. I saw photos of yourself when you were young, and I was able to know you a little bit. I was happy. So the thing i want to say today is… The Kanta who always works hard in soccer, this Kanta…..I like very much!”

Members are moved to tears, especially Takamina.


Mayu puts on the good luck charm for Kanta.
“Also, i brought a present today..misanga! This has your team colors in it. It’s my first time weaving it, so i’m not good. But i was thinking about Kanta while making this, so if you’d wear this..”

“Also, i wrote a letter for you. Pls read it.”
“I’ll be cheering you on for your studies and soccer.”
Mayu leaves with a smile on her face.

Kanta – “Even if the misanga breaks, i will keep it and treasure it as much as my life. I’d give this confession 300 points.”


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