AKB48, Arashi, Sexy Zone and more on Music Station(26th Sep 2014)

28 Sep

AKB48 – River/Flying Get/ Kokoro no Placard
This week, 5 members cosplay as princes while the rest dress up as princesses! Watanabe Mayu says she likes Takarazuka troupe so she referenced them in this cosplay. Sashihara was asked which “prince” was her type. She said anyone was fine except for Sakura because she remains very feminine. The girls then performed “River”, “Flying Get” and “Kokoro no Placard”.


Arashi – My Girl (Hawaiian version)

Arashi – One Love/A.RA.SHI

This week is Arashi’s 15th debut anniversary and since the guys are in Hawaii for their concert, a special live was streamed from Hawaii. For their first song, the guys pre-recorded an acoustic version of “My Girl” with the sunset beach as their backdrop. For the 2nd song, the guys delivered a live performance of “One Love/A.RA.SHI” from a church setting. Personally, i really liked “My Girl”.


Sexy Zone – Bad Boys/Otoko never give up/
I saw that guy in black and was like “Didn’t i see him in GTO 2?” So i watched their whole performance…felt some shudders with that fan service segment in the middle but this is overall a group with solid singing and entertainment abilities.


Sekai no Owari – Dragon Night

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