Serina and Kanjani8 Tadayoshi Ohkura in a relationship

28 Sep

Ex-SDN48 member Serina(29), who got a break with her “popular woman” image in 2012 has been revealed to be dating Kanjani8 Okura Tadayoshi(29). Tabloid FRIDAY published an article which showed her heading to Okura’s high class tower mansion last month. As she neared the mansion, she she became more vigilant and put on a mask before entering the tower.

On another day, she dressed up according to Okura’s fashion taste and shopped at a high end supermart frequented by celebrities, before making her way to Okura’s mansion again.

It was also revealed that Serina had stayed over at Okura’s mansion after he finished mc-ing for “24hr TV”.

The Okura who Serina is into, is Kanjani8’s popular ikemen alongside fellow member Nishikido Ryo. His father owns a chain of yakitori shops “Torikizoku” and Okura himself seems to have shares in the family business too.

“Initially, people around Okura were against this relationship, saying he was seduced and could be better off with other girls. However, the more bashing she received, the more Okura felt like protecting her and this deepened their love,”said an acquaintance of Okura.

The two’s relationship have continued for 1.5 years now.


And the agency response is of cos, this is not true. 

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