Kojima Haruna’s graduation announcement: Is it long overdue?

5 Oct

Is she really serious about graduating?

Seems like dragging it out  is having the opposite effect for AKB48 Kojima Haruna(26), who has been hinting about graduating for perhaps far too long.

Ever since touching on the topic at the AKB48 6th General Elections in June, Kojima has time and again denied graduating on different occasions – Tokyo Dome concert in August, radio shows, pr events and the most recent Janken Tournament in September.

After the Janken Tournament in September, Kojima said that she’d have graduated if she had won over Watanabe Miyuki in the final round. AKB48 Watanabe Mayu(20) also commented that Kojima’s chances of graduating if she had won was as high as 90%, but since she lost, she’d probably be around for awhile more.

Group producer Akimoto Yasushi (56) apparently left it to the girl herself to decide on her retirement from AKB48, but looks like her Janken lost would require her to work till at least end of the year.

“As Kojima said herself, if she won the solo debut from Janken Tournament,it’d give her the excuse to graduate since she’d have a graduation song.  Since she placed 2nd, Akimoto san said she’d have to stay on for another half a year, so it’d be difficult for her to graduate within the year.” -AKB related personnel.

Those who placed 2nd to 16th in the Janken Tournament are scheduled to sing the coupling song for winner Watanabe Miyuki’s solo CD. For Kojima, who is the center for that coupling song, and also a senbatsu member for AKB48’s 38th single (to be released 26th November), her schedule couldn’t be busier.

Also, as reported, the reason why Kojima couldn’t decide on her graduation date was because she’s still troubled about her career direction after graduation.

“She wants to have a relaxed career just like now. Frankly, she isn’t expecting her fans to be reckless, so being relaxed is her good point. However, if turns solo she’d have to work harder than before like the rest of the graduated members. She isn’t sure if she can do it and seems to be scared,” said the same person.

Somehow, her undecided attitude is also drawing criticisms.

“Kojima is making comments in various places, saying things like she’s got a few months left in AKB and this is like a digestive period. Even though she has no bad intentions, staff is saying that it’s rude to other members who are working hard and thinking about Kojima. They think she should be more careful about her actions,” says another related personnel.

Akimoto san had praised Kojima as the “greatest entertainer in history”, and promised to back her up if she turns solo. Hopefully, she will find her direction soon and show us a “Kojiharu” style graduation announcement.


Just want to say …NO ONE should force the girl to graduate. I personally want Kojiharu to stay on just cos no one entertains me as much as she does.

3 Responses to “Kojima Haruna’s graduation announcement: Is it long overdue?”

  1. Thomas October 5, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

    Everybody thinks Kojiharu should graduate because her age, and I think she feels the same too. Other than that there is not other reason, beside If Mariko stayed in AKB until she was 27, I do not see why Kojiharu can’t ( there are so many people complaining about her age )

    Being honest it’s not gonna be any difference if Kojiharu graduates now or 1 year later. AKB is gonna be the same, so it was when Maeda, Tomo, Mariko and Yuko graduated after some time.

  2. Denny Sinnoh October 5, 2014 at 2:23 pm #

    I don’t know much about the politics of the group or that she was being “forced” out.
    I just listen to the songs and watch the music videos that I love, so I’m not aware of the behind the scenes workings.

    That being said, it probably is time for her to move on. I think that she will grow as an artist.

    Maybe I just fantasize about her too much, but I think that she will be a good actress. She reminds me of the great actresses that are good at “playing themselves”. I’m picking up a vibe that she has the heart of a commedian or at least could be with the right writer/director.

    What a personality!

  3. lulu October 6, 2014 at 12:57 am #

    Paraphrasing Kojima’s brother ” you’ve been in AKB for 8 years, you must like a lot to have been there for so long ” Kojima just like being an idol, and well all the things AKB offers. Sure she must be kind of worried after her graduation, but is as well with all the members that have graduated. I am almost sure she is going to stay until AKB’s 10th anniversary, so until then people should leave her alone is not like she is going to be forever.

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