Bunshun exposes Nogizaka46 Matsumura Sayuri’s affair with a married man, Matsumura comments

10 Oct

One of Nogizaka46’s frontline members Matsumura Sayuri has been papp-ed while on her date with a man in his 30s. In the photos, the couple were seen hugging and kissing each other infront of Matsumura’s mansion.

Her partner is understood to someone who works for a major publishing company (other reports he works for gravure magazine Young Jump). Also, he is actually married.

Matsumura dated him 3 times over 3 weeks. They were seen entering high class Karaoke rooms in Shinjuku and Ginza, where they stayed for more than 4hours late into the night.

As Nogizaka46 follows AKB48 Group’s stance in having the “love ban rule” for its members, it would be interesting how the management reacts to this.

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Matsumura explains her scandal

Nogizaka46’s Matsumura Sayuri(22) apologised for her affair with a married man on radio show “Recomen!” on the 8th October.

On this day, pictures of her on date with a man was published in Bunshun Shukan. Regarding the scandal, Matsumura gave an explanation which translates to below.

“You may have heard about this already, my matter was published in this week’s magazine.Mmm….what was written, really, was largely false, i was really shocked too. (Deep breath) About this matter, to the fans, members, and related persons, i am sorry to have caused you trouble due to my unthoughtful actions.”

“The guy mentioned in this report, i didn’t meet him because of my work. Whilst i was feeling troubled about stuff, he approached me in the streets. Usually, this would be unbelievable, but at that point in time we went for a meal. Most of our conversation centered around anime and manga, it wasn’t the type of relationship between a man and woman.

Matsumura also explained the kiss shots.

“On that day when this photo was taken, i was troubled and got drunk. I can’t believe i did such a stupid thing. Really sorry. Actually, when i met that guy, i hid many things and used a fake name. I don’t know much about him, so i didn’t know that he had a family. But with  this report, his family will certainly be hurt, i am very sorry. Both him and I don’t know much about each other. We are like friends who talk about our interests. I really regret my unthoughtful actions.”

She ended with more apologies.

Fellow member Ikoma Rina, who was beside her at the radio show, expressed her support for Matsumura. Later, Shiraishi Mai(22) and Sakurai Reika(18) also made a surprise appearance to support her.

Matsumura joined Nogizaka46 in Aug 2011 and belongs to the first generation. She is one of the few members who appears in the senbatsu for all their singles. She’s known for her love in anime and fans call her “Sayurin” or “Sayuringo”.


Netizens react

Whilst many fans made their way to Matsumura’s blog to leave encouraging messages, surprisingly, a portion of fans also expressed their disappointment in Matsumura’s explanation.

“Due to Matsumura’s innocent/dumb character, it was no surprise that photos of her relationship would leak. To a 22 year old girl facing a love ban rule, a relationship would be one she longs for the most. The pressures everyday might have made her give in to temptation. Therefore, i’d like to give her my support. However in the radio program, she denied her relationship despite the kiss shots. And the explanations like it being due to her getting drunk/report was largely false etc. made me think that she was making excuses.Idols will also give in to temptations, we are not going to blame her for going into a relationship, but at least give us an honest reply.”

Suspicions about her meeting with the guy were also raised.

“In the radio program, it was said that she met the guy in the streets and went to a meal with him. But according to the report, the guy was in charge of the gravure in Young Jump magazine up till Spring this year. Nogizaka46 also appears in that publication. It’s hard to imagine that the 2 met each other in the middle of the streets.Also, it’s hard to believe that a popular idol like Matsumura will just follow a guy who approached her in the streets. It’s like she’s hiding something. If what she said is the truth then she’s such an ‘easy girl’ that her image is destroyed. If she’s lying then above all that’s the saddest thing. Nogizaka fans are all kind. If she’s honest about it she should be forgiven.”


Matsumura absent for expo event, member Hashimoto Nanami takesover

According to this report, Matsumura Sayuri was absent for an expo event held on the 15th October. This was supposed to be her first public appearance after news of the scandal broke. Member Hashimoto Nanami replaced her instead.

The organisers said they had received notice from Nogizaka’s agency that there would be member changes to the event, but no reason was given.

The event went on without much impact.



Check out part 2 of this saga.

3 Responses to “Bunshun exposes Nogizaka46 Matsumura Sayuri’s affair with a married man, Matsumura comments”

  1. anon October 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    I can’t believe she just met someone in the street have a couple of dates, and then they star drinking and kissing. Everyone in 48/46 group has stress life, but it doesn’t mean you act the way she did affecting the whole group and thinking nothing is gonna happen.


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