Che’Nelle sings theme song for FujiTV “Dear Sisters” drama

19 Oct

If you’re watching Dear Sister (Fuji TV) this season, you’d certainly have noticed the awesome OST that plays at the end of the episode. The song titled “Happiness” is by Che’Nelle(31) , a singer based in Los Angeles.

It was revealed that this is the first time Che’Nelle has penned lyrics for a drama theme song.  She received a break back in 2011 when she covered an english version of Tee’s “Baby, I Love You”, which continues to be a hit song during wedding ceremonies.

The drama Dear Sister starring Ishihara Satomi and Matsushita Nao is a love comedy about 2 sisters who have opposite personalities. Ishihara Satomi plays a free-spirited and innocent little sister, while Matsushita Nao is the serious and clumsy elder sister. Che’Nelle wrote the lyrics to this song based on the sisters’ wish for each other’s happiness.

The single will be released on 19th November.

Happy things,Frustrations
Are what i want to share
But i’m just beating around the bush Oh

Happy moments, Frustrated moments
Even if i search or stop, i can’t find it
Is it the same for you?

When you’re sad in the dark
I know immediately
I’m not gonna give up tonight
Even if i’m clumsy
I’ll always be beside you

I’m always gonna be with you
I want to protect you
You’re the most important person in the world

I love you too much
I can’t express it well
It’s alright if you just remain here
Cos forever You’re my Happiness


Purchase Che’Nelle’s “Happiness” single here:


2 Responses to “Che’Nelle sings theme song for FujiTV “Dear Sisters” drama”

  1. Anonymous March 25, 2015 at 12:27 pm #

    nice song


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