Namie Amuro sings theme song for Fuji TV “First Class 2” drama

19 Oct

Namie Amuro will be singing the theme song for the Fuji TV drama sequel, “First Class 2” starring Erika Sawajiri. It has been announced last month that the drama will be having its second run soon after its first season ended in June.

Adding details to its second season, it has been revealed that the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music” is going to sing its theme song, which is titled “Brighter Day“. It will be released as a single on 12th November and the song’s lyrics relate to Sawajiri’s character who goes through the very competitive industry of fashion and who perseveres to succeed in the career she has chosen.

Listen to a preview below.


If you guys find the First Class 2 poster familiar, that’s because the photographer behind it is the same as AKB48’s 32nd single Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Leslie Kee. The grey backdrop, the closeup on their faces, and the square crops. It’s almost exactly like AKB48’s jacket cover! Except this one is more expressive thanks to the actresses. Okay….so Sawajiri Erika is the center and the rest of the actresses are the senbatsu. Lol…

Purchase Namie Amuro’s new single here:

**CD Only**


**CD + DVD**

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