SKE48 releases Christmas single, WMatsui makes way for new centers

21 Nov

SKE48 will be releasing their new single “12-gatsu no Kangaroo” or “December’s Kangaroo” on 10th December 2014. The song stays true to SKE48’s roots with its cheerful tune and energetic dance. One can also feel the Christmas spirit in their MV as the girls have shelved their uniforms for some colorful winter costumes!

I’d say this is a well-made MV as the girls are given beautiful close-ups, which serves the purpose of introducing some new faces to the fans.

Two girls to lookout for are new centers Kitagawa Ryoha(16) and Miyamae Ami(17). Both are 5th/6th generation members. Kitagawa Ryoha in particular has been pushed much this year, taking part in the Tentomu Chu subunit with other 48-group super rookies and occupying prominent senbatsu spots in SKE48. While her expressions can be stiff sometimes, her looks alone definitely make her the default candidate for SKE48’s next ace.

Kitagawa Ryoha


The other center Miyamae Ami is still relatively unknown (at least to me), but I gather she’s a hardworker who is good at dancing. Both Miyamae and Kitagawa were recommended by management and have the full backing of Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena to be the next centers.

Miyamae Ami


Purchase their new single here:

Type A Regular


Type B Regular


Type C Regular


Type D Regular


Type A Limited


Type B Limited


Type C Limited


Type D Limited

One Response to “SKE48 releases Christmas single, WMatsui makes way for new centers”

  1. galaxydefender12 December 17, 2014 at 8:14 pm #

    sae kawaiiii hahah okae i wish i couLd go to japan xP

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