Details of Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna’s police statements from slashing incident

5 Dec

In May this year, AKB48 Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna were attacked by a member of the public whilst participating in one of AKB48’s many handshake events. The attacker, Umeda Satoru(24) was subsequently arrested and currently going through court hearings. In the 2nd court hearing on 1st December, statements from Kawaei and Iriyama were revealed.

According to Kawaei, she had felt uncomfortable at first when she saw Umeda, as “his eyes were weird”. In her statements, she recalled the guy carrying something like a baseball bat, and was hit on the foreheard. At that moment, she did not feel any pain, but was wondering if the object was a cane. She did not realise that he was carrying a saw.

The saw came down on them several times. Kawaei tried protecting herself with her right hand and ended up with a broken finger. She thought she was going to be killed as she squatted down, and tried to escape by crawling away.

Iriyama also revealed her wishes for the attacker to be severely punished, as she “would never forgive the attacker”.

Even though Umeda had expressed guilt and is reflecting on his actions, when asked why he chose Kawaei and Iriyama as his victims, he gave ambiguous responses.

The next hearing will take place on 8th Jan 2015.


2 Responses to “Details of Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna’s police statements from slashing incident”

  1. Denny Sinnoh December 5, 2014 at 5:56 am #

    Good for Anna, I would not be “forgiving” either.

    It may be off topic, but I watch a lot of old samurai movies, and I often hear a phrase during a fight or ambush, one character will say to the other “AND YOU CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN”. At least that is what the translation is on the subtitles. I’ve heard/seen it several times, so it might be a common phrase. I’ve seen it enough so I don’t think it is a mistranslation.

    Since you know the language, I need to ask is there a famous Japanese phrase that goes like that? I like that attitude : )

    If so, I was thinking of maybe having it put on a graphic T-shirt.

    • allthingsjpop December 5, 2014 at 6:38 am #

      絶対許せない Definitely can’t forgive
      絶対許さない Definitely won’t forgive
      If you have a strong grudge, you’ll want to choose the 2nd line to show some attitude.

      It’s not a famous phrase. I’d think it’s a common line used in movies/dramas..

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