Matsui Jurina, Kitagawa Ryoha, Miyamae Ami talk about being centers of SKE48

6 Dec

SKE48 16th single “December’s Kangaroo” will be released on 10th December 2014. Centers are Kitagawa Ryoha(16) and Miyamae Ami(17). These girls are the firsts to take on the role of centers other than double center combi Matsui Jurina(17) and Matsui Rena(23) since the group’s debut in 2009. Lets hear from the new centers and Matsui Jurina.

What do you girls think of Matsui Jurina?
Jurina: Eh..?
Ami: I often talk about her when she’s not around.
Jurina: What? You were talking bad things about me? (laugh)
Ami: I watched Jurina at the theater before i joined SKE48. I’ve always looked up to her.
Jurina: You’re lying (laugh)
Ami: It’s the truth! When the fans are exchanging photos of the members, i got one of Jurina san. From now, i will also be looking at your back.

What about Kitagawa san?
Jurina: You can say anything!
Ryoha: *in a small voice* Even if she’s tired she will not give up. She worries about us and gives us advice. Like a goddess..
Jurina: Goddess? I’m not that great. Although there’s a song like that in SKE…
Ryoha: She’s really great.
Jurina: Thank you.


Since Kitagawa and Miyamae have replaced Jurina as the center, you’ll have to aim for the “Kami” rankings don’t you think?
Miyamae:  Even if i can get closer to Jurina, I’m different from Jurina so i have to work at my own pace.
Jurina: You can’t impersonate me right?
Ryoha: I will do what i can so people think that it’s right for one half of the double center to be Ryoha.
Miyamae and Kitagawa, please introduce yourselves.
Miyamae: I have a strong image of a dancer, so i’ll develop from there.
Ryoha: I’m really clumsy in every way. I can’t dance, can’t talk, but the only thing i won’t lose in is my perseverance.

Jurina, what will you do from now on?
Jurina: I want to make people think i’m the center wherever I go. Whether i’m in the 3rd line or elsewhere, i’d be happy if fans decide to look my way.

So behind Kitagawa and Miyamae, there will be a great aura?
Jurina: Because within SKE my passion has never burned that strongly…(laughs)

That’s because no one stands in front of you right?
Jurina: Yes. No one so i’m looking forward to it this time.

It’s true that we can see your burning passion when you are in AKB.
Jurina: When the seniors are around I become like that.

Next time, for the sake of SKE48, Jurina should be the wall that everyone has to climb over.
Jurina: Yes, I want to become the ultimate aim for everyone.


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