[Breaking]AKB48 Takahashi Minami announces graduation for real

9 Dec

AKB48 Group General Manager Takahashi Minami(23) has announced her graduation from the group on 8th December.

This announcement came while the group was holding their 9th anniversary live show at the theater.

“I, Takahashi Minami, will graduate on 8th December 2015. This notice comes one year in advance. I announced it at this time as i wanted make time for the member whom i will handover to.

The next Group General Manager will be Yokoyama Yui(21), ex-captain of Team A and currently captain of Team K.

“I just want to say 1 thing. This is not a sad thing. Next year’s our 10th anniversary. It’s an important year.I’m very happy that this group can last this long. This group is not something that ends after 10 years. I hope that it can continue to its 11th year. It’ll be alright. I will work hard with Yokoyama to bond the remaining members together.”

Takahashi Minami made her debut with the group on 8th December 2005 as a first generation member. She was appointed the Group General Manager to be in charge of the flagship branch and its sister groups in 2012. This year, she appeared on Fuji TV’s “Mecha Mecha Iketeru Dokkiri Special” to prank her team members into thinking she’d graduate due to a scandal. This time, her graduation announcement comes for real.
Takahashi, unlike previous centers Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko, is the one and only member with a leadership presence in the group. Fans and members will certainly be shocked by this.



An excerpt of the speech where she passes the baton to Yokoyama Yui.

After I am gone, I would like to name Yokoyama Yui as the person who would lead AKB48 Group as next Soukantoku.
Frankly, Soukantoku is a bothersome position. It is hard.
I think members close to me might have felt it too.
That is why I really hate that I have to pass the name of Soukantoku to my good friend, Yokoyama Yui.
I had wanted (this post) to end with me.
But, with a big group of girls like this, being distracted with lively conversations, not able to concentrate, unable to stay collected, there are many times like that.
At those times, I think there is still a need for someone in the group to speak out words like, “Let’s go, let’s do this”.
Can Yokoyama come here? (Yui stands beside Takamina)

To me, she is a wonderful junior.
She is really someone who is earnest but awkward at times, she works really hard with utmost effort.
Her dream is the same as mine too, solo debut.
By handing her this soukantoku post, it may keep this dream of hers at a further distance than it is now so I felt really troubled over it, but I think she needs an impetus.
Sounkantoku is agonizing.
But at the same time, there will be an increase in the amount of exposure to society’s eyes and simultaneously chances will increase.
With this, I want Yokoyama to think of it as a chance and do her best.

Credits to TKMN_WORLD

Member Reactions

Kojima Haruna: For AKB48’s 9th anniversary, there were only 3 of us from the first generation left. It was good that I could be next to Takamina during her graduation announcement. I will do my best so everyone can welcome our 10th anniversary. Please look after us from now on.

Mineshi Minami: With Takamina’s announcement, we must work even harder than before. So that AKB48G can continue to exist..

Miyazawa Sae: These are the first generation who love AKB48. The first generation who created AKB48. The Takamina of decided to graduate on the 10th anniversary. From now, we’ll also be the 48group that exists because of Takamina. I love the members from my generation but i also like the first generation. Thanks from the heart.

Oshima Yuko: Takahashi Minami graduation announcement at the theater.

Sashihara Rino: The news came in the middle of my tweeting. I don’t know what to say about this. Some people think I was aiming for the Soukantoku position but i don’t have much time left in the first place. #5thGenerationAge22 #NoResponsibility #NotAKB48member

Kashiwagi Yuki: Not feeling the reality of this.It seems like there’s 1 year left. Anyway, I want to support Yuihan.We still have to pay back to the fans.

Kitahara Rie: I also think there’s none other than Yokoyama. I’m worried about her physical/mental health but there’s no one else but her!

Yamamoto Sayaka: It’s a big shock. But there’s 1 year left, and lots to learn.I’ll work hard to support Yuihan too.




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