Yokoyama Yui talks about succeeding Takamina “I’ll find my own General Manager style”

10 Dec

Translating this due to reader request…

Idol group AKB48 Yokoyama Yui(22) updated her Google+ on the 9th, one day after it was announced that she would be succeeding Takahashi Minami as the new Group General Manager of AKB48.

She revealed her thoughts about Takahashi Minami’s graduation announcement during the group’s 9th debut anniversary.
“Initially, I was confused when I thought about Takamina san not being with us forever.Takamina san loves AKB. It shows on her face when she’s thinking about the members. At this time we should face Takamina san’s dreams and give her a push from the back.
Takamina san has give us 1 year. The Soukantoku position is something that Takamina san built up. AKB48 is also what the seniors spent 9 years to create for us. We have to work hard for the next 10 years so we can see a beautiful scenery together. We have to carry these kind of feelings,” Yokoyama said.
Finally, she said “During this 1 year, I will learn what i can while the seniors are still around, and do what i can to find my own General Manager style with the support of my juniors. I am still lacking in many areas, but the support from fans will become my strength of overcome difficulties. Hoping that everyone’s dreams can be fulfilled. From now, please look after AKB48 group too.”

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