Nogizaka46 releases MV for “Inochi wa Uzukushii”

4 Mar

Nogizaka46 has released the MV for their 11th single and I must say they’ve really stepped up their game this time. Titled “Inochi wa Uzukushii” (“Life is beautiful”), the song is supposed to be boring considering the meaning of the lyrics, but the upbeat soundtrack and cool choreography actually made it glamorous. The production team also spent extra efforts on the MV, what with a stage setup that looks like it came out of a Kpop MV, costume changes and intriguing scenes of the members shedding black tears.

Check out the MV below!

Some things you might have noticed….

Women’s Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi Sneakers, going at 9900Yen at Rakuten.

The aggressive dance. These girls aren’t the best dancers but all that flying hair actually makes them look cool.

The Victorian costumes. Couldn’t help but be in awe at their beauty. Shiraishi Mai(left) in particular looks like a porcelain doll!

Matsui Rena’s white tear. As mentioned earlier, in the MV these girls are seen shedding mysterious black tears, but only Matsui Rena’s tear was white. The reason for this was a point of discussion on the Japanese forums. Perhaps someone can shed some light?

Nogizaka46’s new single will be released on March 18, 2015.


Purchase Nogizaka’s new single below!

Type A

Type B

Type C





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