Comedian duo Kumamushi are the newest breakout artistes with debut single “Attakain dakara”

13 Mar

Kumamushi is actually a comedy duo popular amongst Japanese high school students for their “Attakain” act featured in one of their skits. The meaning of “Attakain dakara” is “because its warm”, and to deliver the effect of this phrase, the comedian balls his hands like the paws of a teddy bear and waves it around as cutely as possible, crunching down as if to feel the warmth flowing in himself. The act became so popular that Kumamushi released a song about it. To date, numerous idols have also proclaimed themselves fans and released their own versions of the “Attakain act”.

The original version by Kumamushi:


Idol covers:


Takamina & W-inds (4:30 onwards)

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku ( 3:20 & 4:56)

Akb48 – Team K

Ske48 – Matsui Jurina

Akb48 – Kashiwagi Yuki

Announcer Kato Ayako


Whose covers did you like best? Personally i have to give all my votes to Arashi!




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