Introducing Flower and their 2nd album “Hana Tokei”

30 Mar

FLOWER is a subgroup of E-girls that made its debut in 2011. They released their second album “Hana Tokei” earlier this month and if you’re sick of the 48-ish pop songs that i post here, the ballads in this album may be a refreshing change.

The first song i would like to recommend is “Tomorrow ~Shiawase no Housoku”. This is actually a Japanese cover of “Tomorrow”, song from hollywood movie “Annie”. Featuring Washio Reika’s pure vocals, you’ll certainly find this song healing for the mind.

The second song I’d recommend is  “Aki Kaze no Answer”, which features a very beautiful PV. By beautiful, i mean every aspect, from the stage props, dance choreography to the song. The girls look like they’re in a fairy tale and their dancing is so graceful it’s like watching a piece of art.

And below is the live performance of the same song.

Finally, those who are looking for newer songs (the above 2 were released last year), maybe you’ll want to checkout their collaboration with British band Little Mix, titled “Dreamin’ Together”. The song is a mix of Japanese and English and features a very modern pop tune.

Purchase their second album here:

CD only



CD + BluRay

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